Sean Tretta

Exclusive: Producer Kevin Tenney Talks Night of the Demons: After-Party

It may be Monday, but demons still want to party, and as producer Kevin Tenney told us this morning, they're preparing to do so in a splatter-filled sequel to the 2009 remake of his 1988 cult classic Night of the Demons. Read on for more!

The Prometheus Project Births a Stem Cell Frankenstein

Blast those scientists always meddling in God's domain. Have none of them read Frankenstein? Now it's stem cells giving rise to an unhappy undead abomination. What have scream queen Tiffany Shepis and Louis (brother of Costas) Mandylor wrought upon us with The Prometheus Project?

The Greatest American Snuff Film Director's Cut Coming

You a fan of director Sean Tretta's cult classic The Greatest American Snuff Film? Then you're in luck because there's a new version on its way to retailers this spring!

Death Factory: Bloodletting (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Claudia Vargas, Noah Todd, Michelle Mousel, Shane Dean Directed by Sean Tretta