Sean Pertwee

New Sales Art and Synopsis: The 4th Reich

More goodies are coming out of Cannes for the Nazi-themed romper stomper The 4th Reich. Up next for you cats is some new sales art as well as a plot crunch so long you'll need a bookmark to get through it all.

Sean Bean Goosesteps to The 4th Reich

Some pretty nifty necombats come out of Cannes concerning the latest Nazi-themed horror flick to come our way, The 4th Reich. Former "Game of Thrones" star Sean Bean has joined the ever growing cast, which includes Sean Pertwee, Tom Savini, and Craig Conway in Shaun Robert Smith's film.

First Look Inside The Seasoning House

Man, say what you want about this upcoming flick, but the title alone makes us damned hungry. If there were a restaurant named The Seasoning House, we'd be there in a heartbeat. Still, we'll be there for the movie as well.

The 4th Reich Marching in Berlin

How's that for a headline right out of a horror movie? While in all actuality what we're talking about here is far less dramatic, we just couldn't resist!

Sterling Pictures' The Seasoning House Begins Filming in London

All you have to do is mention that Sean Pertwee is involved with a project, and we are there so you can be sure that we'll be keeping a close eye on The Seasoning House, a claustrophobic horror tale that just commenced shooting in London.

First Art and Details: Jake West's The Scribbler

Coming off the really fun Doghouse, we couldn't wait to see what director Jake West had up his sleeve for his next feature. Given the log line for his latest flick The Scribbler, which reads, "You're only using a small portion of your brain. Ever wondered what the rest of it is up to?", it looks like we could be in for a real headsy treat!

Jason Flemyng Goosesteps His Way to The 4th Reich

More casting news out of The 4th Reich camp today! Yet another well known actor will be lending his talents to this historic monster mash!

Doug Bradley Joins The 4th Reich

Nazi zombies are really hot (or should I say cold?) again thanks to Dead Snow and Call of Duty: World at War so it's a no-brainer that a horror flick called The 4th Reich is picking up some major steam by filling out its already packing cast!

The 4th Reich Steps It Up with Some Concept Artwork

Robert Morris from Smudge Film Productions UK got in touch today to provide Dread Central with a first look at some really cool conceptual artwork for director Shaun Robert Smith's upcoming The 4th Reich. We definitely like what we see!

The Undead Rule The 4th Reich

As the resident Dread Central zombie aficionado, I'm always on the lookout for the next flesh-tearing fright fest for you guys. Over the last couple of years the Nazi zombie sub-genre has become pretty hot. With director Shaun Robert Smith's The 4th Reich, it looks like it may have just reached its boiling point.

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Reviewed by Straxboy Starring Sean (Soldier) Pertwee, Kevin (Hideous Kinky) McKidd, Liam (RKO 281) Cunningham Directed by Neil Marshall