Sean Patrick Flanery

Two New Stills: Saw 3D - Reunite with Dr. Gordon

Lionsgate released two new stills from Kevin Greutert's Saw 3D today featuring your first look at Cary Elwes' return as "Dr. Gordon," and Sean Patrick Flanery truly living on the edge as "Bobby". Dig 'em! Look for Saw 3D in theatres nationwide this October 29th. Synopsis:

Sean Patrick Flanery on Saw 3D

More details about some of the hijinx that Jigsaw is up to in Lionsgate's latest entry into the Saw franchise have come to light, and we've got them all for you right here.

Fresh Behind-the-Scenes Stills: Saw 3D

Over on his official blog director Kevin Greutert has posted several behind-the-scenes images from one of this October's biggest events, Saw 3D. Ready for a quick update regarding everyone's favorite dead killer?

International Saw VII 3D Teaser Poster

It's a safe bet that we're on the verge of being bombarded with upcoming goodies for the seventh Saw film, Saw 3D, but for now our friends overseas scored the very first bit of teaser art.

Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder 
Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Victoria Pratt Directed by Steven R. Monroe

Full Synopsis and Cast List for Saw VII - A Familiar Face Returns!

Since filming has wrapped and we're just six short months away from the release of Lionsgate's Saw VII 3D, the studio's PR machine is starting to roll. First up are the full cast list, which includes the long-rumored return of Dr. Gordon from the first installment, and an official synopsis.

Syfy Sneaks a Peek at Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm is a creature of cryptozoology purported as being a bright red worm up to five feet long capable of spewing sulphuric acid and emitting a paralyzing electric discharge. One look at the sneak preview Syfy has posted for its new Mongolian Death Worm movie indicates the filmmakers just watched the bug ravine scene from Peter Jackson's King Kong remake and made a movie about those giant head-devouring worms instead.

Deadly Impact Trailer from MGM Home Entertainment

The jury's still out on how horror-oriented Robert Kurtzman's latest directorial project, Deadly Impact, is, but come April 20th we'll know for sure as the flick's unrated DVD hits store shelves from MGM Home Entertainment.

Deadly Impact Crashing onto Unrated DVD April 20th

It's more in the thriller vein than pure horror, but we thought our readers would still like to know about special effects guru Robert Kurtzman's latest directorial project, Deadly Impact, which debuts on unrated DVD April 20th from MGM Home Entertainment.

Louise Linton and Sean Patrick Flanery to Become Scavengers in Space

Space. Ever think that one day we'll be cruising around the galaxy as simply as we do now our highways? One thing's for sure ... the aliens out there seem to be a lot more dangerous than the Border-crossers here!

Finally a Syfy Flick About Mongolian Death Worms!

I've long had a theory that either someone at Syfy or enterprising producers that make movies for Syfy keep tabs on the various cable cryptozoology programs like "MonsterQuest" looking for ideas for future Syfy creature features. The news that Mongolian Death Worms will be premiering on Syfy next year pretty much confirms my suspicions.

Tons of News on Kurtzman's Bump!

This has really been the week for news on Bump, the Fangoria Graphix comic that will be headed to feature film land soon courtesy of The Rage director Robert Kurtzman.