Sean McEwen

Albino Farm Details Emerge

WWE fans looking forward to seeing Chris Jericho lay the smackdown on some nasty misshapen monsters needn't wait much longer because his latest film, Albino Farm, is just around the corner!

Albino Farm Gets a Site and a Trailer

More kids head out into the woods to become meat for the beasts in Sean McEwen's latest chiller Albino Farm, and to celebrate, the film has a new website and trailer!

The Promise of Albino Farm

Been a while since we’ve heard anything about Albino Farm, the Missouri-set kids vs. backwoods mutants film we last discussed back here. While personally and professionally I’m sick of movies about backwoods mutations already, something about this entry into the sub-genre appeals to me.

Jericho Lionsaults to Albino Farm

"Albino Farm" is said to have been an abandoned farm tucked away deep in the hills of the Ozark Mountains where it was used in the late 19th century as an internment camp for people deemed undesirable due to their physical and genetic deformities. Ignorance, isolationist beliefs, and good ol' religious intolerance supposedly led many folks in the Southwest Missouri region at the time to lock these physically abnormal people up to fend for themselves.