Sean McConville

The Car Ready to Drop Off Some Terror

Remember the 1977 film The Car? Well, good! Keep those memories intact because this is NOT a remake of it! Oh, how we love original films! Director Sean McConville (Deadline) is ready to rev up his horror muscles once again in his latest film of the same name, The Car.

Deadline (DVD / Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch, Marc Blucas, Tammy Blanchard Directed by Sean McConville Distributed by First Look Studios

Two New Clips from Deadline

Two new clips riddled with malevolent shenanigans have crept their way online today for the Brittany Murphy spooker Deadline, and we've got them for you all cold and drippy with ectoplasm.

Trailer and Release Info - Deadline

Two news stories with Brittany Murphy here on Dread in two days? Never mind what the Mayans had to say ... this is a sign of the apocalypse. Quick, someone call Cusack! Ok, while we're awaiting the eventual screaming, running, and terror, check out the skinny on Sean McConville's directorial debut, Deadline.

Birch, Murphy & Blanchard Face Deadline

Is it wrong to be so attracted to Thora Birch? I mean really, really attracted? Not to the point of stalking or anything, but close ... I’ll take your silence to mean that no, it is not wrong. Moving on!