Sean Haitz

First Word on and Official Trailer for Big Top Evil

The first word on a new indie film coming out of Florida, Big Top Evil, hit our inbox today, and we have all the early details on the flick along with a look at the official trailer.

Actual Circus Performers Appear in Cirque du Slay

Who doesn't love the circus? The exotic animals, the aerial performers and the clowns…the goddamn clowns. New film company Faced Productions is currently filming a feature entitled Cirque du Slay, which is not only based in a circus atmosphere but is being filmed in classic Sarasota, Florida, circus locations with actual performers participating. It's like a modern-day version of Freaks.

Full Trailer and First Details on Mangrove Slasher Pt. 2

You just have to love a film that bills itself "Part 2" when there was never a "Part 1" for it to follow! Such is the case of Mangrove Slasher Pt. 2 from Faced Productions, "a stoner horror movie spoof that opens with a topless hot-tub fantasy and indulges every genre cliche on the B-movie shelves."