Sean Cunningham

Sean Cunningham Spills the Beans About Friday the 13th Sequels, TV Series and Video Game!

As we sit back and enjoy our favorite Friday the 13th installments today, I think I speak for us all when I say that I can't help but wonder when Jason Voorhees will return in a new adventure.

New Clips from the Upcoming Premiere of Monster Man on Syfy

We haven't talked about it for a few months, but next week on March 14th "Monster Man" debuts on Syfy, taking a deeper look into movie making magic by following Cleve Hall, the man behind some of Hollywood’s most terrifying creatures. Check out a few clips from the show.

Make a Date in March with Syfy's Monster Man

We've been looking forward to Syfy's upcoming new original docuseries "Monster Man" since we first heard about it, and now we know when we'll be able to see it! Look for the "Monster Man" premiere on Wednesday, March 14th, at 11:00 PM (ET/PT).