Sea Beast

DVD Release List: June 30, 2009: Scream for the Second Coming of Kaidan and Monster X

Lots of monsters in this week's DVD round-up, but for my money, the pick of the litter has to be Golden Age Ghost Tales with the likes of Boris Karloff, David Niven, and Ronald Reagan starring in seven spine-tingling half-hour ghost stories selected from several top anthology TV series from 1951-1962.

June DVDs Bring Maniacs, Demons, Fishmen, Italians, and Robots!

June is going to be a busy month for DVD releases. We're going to get supernatural horrors, Italian shockers, and Sci-Fi Channel schlockers; not to mention one hell of an Asylum mocker. Here's a taste of things to come.

Sea Beast (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Corin Nemec, Miriam McDonald, Daniel Wisler, Gary Hudson Directed by Paul Ziller Sea Beast. Wow. What a creative title. What's our movie about? A beast from the sea? Hmmm... What are we going to call it? Water Monster? Nah. Not snazzy enough. How about Sea Beast? Winner!