EXCLUSIVE! SDCC 09: Animated Flick, 9, Could be Coming at you in Three Dimensions!

Our fearless Uncle Creepy just phoned in from the heart of Comic Con with an exclusive about Shane Acker's animated flick, 9, so keep reading for the scoop!

SDCC 09: Dexter Season 4 Promotional Trailer

Dexter, like everything else, is being promoted at this year's Comic-Con, but the good news is that you don't have to be there to get your first sneak peek at the new season!

SDCC 09: Legion Prequel Coming from IDW

The Sony Screen Gems horror/fantasy flick Legion may be garnering a little bit of buzz in the horror community, and to coincide with the film's release, IDW Publishing has announced plans for a prequel comic to help pave the way for the film's January, 2010 theatrical bow.

SDCC 09: The Hills Run Red Trailer Available Now!

It feels like we've been waiting forever to get a glimpse of this promising new slasher flick from Dave Parker. Well, the wait is over because you can finally feast your eyes on the film's trailer!

SDCC 09: Watch the Nightmare on Elm Street, Book of Eli, and The Box Panel NOW!

Check out footage of the Warner Bro's panel. We have the Book of Eli, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Box. You can also watch our live streams from Comic Con here.

SDCC 09: See the Twilight New Moon Panel NOW

Ok Twilight fans, don't ever say we don't love you! Here for your enjoyment we present the entire panel discussion for New Moon!

SDCC 09: Jonah Hex Footage and Panel

The panel for Jonah Hex let out a short while ago, and while there wasn't a lot of new info revealed, we did see some new footage that was cut together just for the San Diego Comic-Con and learned from director Jimmy Hayward that shooting of Megan Fox's scenes wrapped just 48 hours ago.

SDCC 09: Peter Jackson Talks Horror

You just never know who you're gonna run into here at the SDCC. In this case ... we ran into a small time director whom you may have heard of, Peter Jackson, and he blessed us with some insight into the genre that we all love!

SDCC 09: Kelly Shows us His Box

Although Richard Kelly was greeted by legions of Donnie Darko fans, the main thing he was here to do at the SDCC was to showcase his new project The Box starring Cameron Diaz, Frank Langela, and James Marsden.

SDCC 09: A Nightmare on Elm Street Coverage!

Just got out of the A Nightmare on Elm Street panel which featured Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, director Samuel Bayer and Freddy Krueger himself, Jackie Earle Haley. We got our first look at the new Freddy at the show via a clip but before we get to that let's talk about what was shown.

SDCC 09: We Know Where The Wild Things Are

Here we are live once again at the SDCC with some quick news for you guys! First up three clips have been shown for Where the Wild Things Are.

SDCC 09: Saw VII Director Named

Lionsgate had lots of Saw themed surprises in store for fans at this years SDCC -- including the official green-light being given for the seventh sequel in the franchise, along with the name of the director to undertake these gamey goings-on!!

SDCC 09: First Look -- Three Teaser Posters -- The Cabin in the Woods

And a late night slice of goodness rolled into our inbox tonight showcasing not one but three teaser posters for Joss Whedon's latest project ... The Cabin in the Woods.

SDCC 09: Sorority Row Chicks Talk Violence

Spending time out on the back patio at San Diego Comic-Con is surreal as Tim Burton and Sigourney Weaver walk casually by and Robert Pattinson bums a cigarette, but when you get to talk to a small group of beautiful women about horror, the day is perfect.

SDCC 09: Craig Perry Talks Motel Hell

After a Disney feel-good movie and (if we are lucky), before the final, FINAL Final Destination, Craig Perry hopes we can all return to MOTEL HELL!!