Screamfest LA

Declan O'Brien Talks Wrong Turn 3

This scribe hit the black carpet of Rachel Belofsky’s 2009 Screamfest in Hollywood, CA, last night for a screening of Declan O’Brien’s Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (review here), and to interview the director. The flick streets to DVD today via 20th Century Fox. Watch the interview for O’Brien’s take on his film, as well as word on his upcoming genre opus You Are Next.

Human Centipede Sequel Chatter: The Human Centipede II - The Full Sequence in 2010

Dread Central was on hand at this year's LA Screamfest and caught up with two of the stars of Tom Six's The Human Centipede: First Sequence (review here), Akihiro Kitamura and Ashley C. Williams, who shed a little bit of light on what the sequel The Human Centipede II - The Full Sequence has in store for us.

Dread Chats with the Stars of The Human Centipede

Dread Central hit last night’s premiere at Screamfest LA of the much talked about (and sensationally denigrating) Tom Six-written and directed feature The Human Centipede: First Sequence (review here) in Hollywood, CA, and brought back some ocular candy and video of a pair of the film’s stars.

Dread Central Attends the Opening Night of 2009 Screamfest LA

This Dread Central scribe (along with 2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys actress Kathryn Le) hit the black carpet of the opening night of Rachel Belofsky's 2009 Screamfest LA film festival last night, as well as the after-party at Boulevard 3. Pictures and more follow!

Trailer from The Tournament; Director Scott Mann Talks

Dread Central hit the Weinstein Co. last week for a screening of British director Scott Mann’s The Tournament, which has been programmed as L.A. Screamfest’s ‘Opening Night Film’ this Friday, 10/16 in Hollywood, CA. A bloody smash-up of Battle Royale and Kill Bill, among others (see a trailer for The Tournament below), the hybrid flick is scheduled to be released to DVD via Dimension on 10/20.

Screamfest LA Reveals Full Schedule

One of California's biggest and most well respected film festivals, Screamfest LA, revealed its entire schedule today, and it's packing the horror goods including The Fourth Kind, The Human Centipede, and Cabin Fever 2!

Scott Mann's The Tournament Opening Screamfest LA

The opening film for one of the Los Angeles area's most well respected horror film festivals, Screamfest LA 2009, has been announced; and it looks like the games are just about ready to begin ... or should I say tournaments?

The Fourth Kind to Close Screamfest LA

LA's biggest and scariest film festival, Screamfest LA 2009, is bringing down the curtain on their show with an other-worldly visit from outer space. No we're not talking a conglomeration of the weirdo costume people in front of Graumman's, we're talking the new Milla Jovovich flick from Universal, The Fourth Kind. Synopsis

The House of the Devil Opening at Screamfest / New Red Band Trailer

Ti West's latest film, The House of the Devil (review here), has been making quite a bit of noise lately and deservedly so as it's supposed to kick a copious amount of ass. Good news for all parties concerned ... the film has been added to the 2009 Screamfest LA lineup, and it's gotten itself a brand spanking new red band trailer for you to dig on!

The Human Centipede Slithers to Screamfest LA '09

Today, fresh on the heels of Dread Central's Human Centipede review, Screamfest 2009 announced that the flick will be part of its line-up during the upcoming horror film festival. Synopsis

Human Centipede Stills Slither Out

Update 3: Human Centipede wins best picture at 2009 Screamfest LA. Update 2: A Human Centipede video clip from the movie has just been released. Updated: Check out our new Human Centipede review

Screamfest 2008 Award Winners!

Well, another Screamfest is behind us yet again! Man it seems like these things take forever to get here and then are gone in the blink of an eye. This year’s winners have been selected and instead of droning on about how special they all are in their own way, as I am want to do, just dig on the list below!

Malone's Parasomnia Premieres This Friday!

Bill Malone’s trippy horror film Parasomnia will finally be having its premiere at Screamfest LA this Friday, and to help make sure you horror freaks are aware of it, Malone just sent out a new batch of stills and a very cool invite postcard for the screening.

Red Eyeing Off Season Adaptation

We all know by now that Jack Ketchum’s Offspring is the latest adaptation of the man’s work to come to the big screen. It’s in post production now and from what I’ve heard is looking pretty good. But what about the book’s prequel, The Off Season (review)? Well, that’s been having some rights issues that may be straightened out soon.

Teasing Burrowers Poster!

I've often wondered how settlers of the American West would handle monsters, and please don't remind me of that Tremors sequel... That's why we are grateful J.T. Petty came along with his take on subterranean beasties, The Burrowers.