Scream Queens 2

Exclusive News, Images, and Set Visit: One for the Road

This past Wednesday, March 16, Dread hit the set of filmmaker Paul Ward’s horror flick One for the Road for an exclusive look at the project, which at the time was shooting in the cold environs of Crestline, California.

Sarah Butler, Ashlynn Yennie & More Bowl for Boobies with The Horror Starlets!

This writer is asking the horror community as we approach October – our month of months – to unite for a good cause: to support local Los Angeles women battling breast cancer by giving a small donation and also support the horror actresses who are supporting them.

Exclusive Stills from Scream Queens 2

Last December Dread Central scribe Sean Decker visited the set of VH1 and Joke Productions’ reality series "Scream Queens 2" (read about it here), and the episode he was privy to is airing this coming Monday, August 16th. In honor of the occasion we've been given a few exclusive pics to share with our readers to help get them revved up for the show.

A Bounty of Behind-the-Scenes Extras from Scream Queens 2

New episodes of "Scream Queens 2" appear on VH1 every Monday at 9:00 pm ET/8:00 pm CT, and to get you geared up for tonight's show, we have a big batch of behind-the-scenes items you might enjoy.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Meet VH1's Scream Queens

Executive producers Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina and four members of the cast of the horror-themed reality series “Scream Queens 2” will be making an appearance at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con courtesy of VH1 and Lionsgate.

Get the Scream Queens iPhone App!

Oh, the horror! It's the official "Scream Queens" iPhone app! Be the first to get a look at the new season of VH1's "Scream Queens" ... plus so much more. Best of all? It's 100% free!

Scream Queens 2 Supertrailer Now Live!

We crazy Americans have to "supersize" everything these days, but in the case of the trailer for the upcoming reality competition known as "Scream Queens 2", which features director Tim Sullivan and Jaime King along with a bevy of horror-loving babes, we're certainly not complaining!

Scream Queens 2 - Images and Premiere Date

Some quick news regarding the upcoming reality competition knows as "Scream Queens 2", which features director Tim Sullivan and Jaime King along with a bevy of horror-loving babes. We have the date when the shenanigans kick off as well as some sweet behind-the-scenes images for you to dig on!

Exclusive: Dread Central Pays a Visit to Scream Queens 2

It’s Wednesday, December 2nd (and incidentally this scribe’s birthday), when I arrive to the set of VH1 and Joke Productions’ reality series "Scream Queens 2". The show is shooting in a foreboding manse made infamous by its use in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (and across the street from the house Wes Craven made iconic in People Under the Stairs) off Western Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

Scream Queens 2: Jaime King and Tim Sullivan Join In / Winner Receives Role in Saw 3D

With James Gunn moving on to other things, the question beckoned: Who would be at the helm of this season's "Scream Queens" for VH1? It didn't take long for the answer to come.

Scream Queens 2 Casting Call!

Think you have what it takes to be a Scream Queen? Once again, thanks to VH1 and Lionsgate, you now have the chance to find out as "Scream Queens 2" has sent out a casting call for "beautiful, confident, tenacious, uninhibited actresses who are ready for stardom and will stop at nothing to get it.".