Scream Queen

Lost Linnea Quigley Film Scream Queen to Finally See the Light of Day

When talking about horror scream queens, few names rank higher on the list of the greatest than Linnea Quigley. So when word got out that a Quigley film that was shot over a decade ago is premiering in September, we had to check it out.

More Details on the Hunt for Scream Queens!

Fame is the name of the game, boys and girls. Well, this one is just for the women out there who want a crack at the big time without all the hard work of having to climb the Hollywood ladder.

VH1 Hunts for Scream Queen

I’m surprised it took this long for a show like this to get on the air. With all the shitty reality shows out there, exploiting every degrading aspect of what it means to be human, one would’ve expected something like “Scream Queens” to have been done a long time ago.