Scream 4

Stop the Madness! Jennifer Aniston NOT in Scream 4

We tried all day long to not report on this rumor, but after the twentieth e-mail asking why we haven't covered it, we finally have decided to.

Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin Join Scream 4

And the prospective body count continues for Wes Craven's latest entry into the Scream franchise, Scream 4 (or Scre4m for you cooler kids playing along). That's right, kids. Ghostface will soon be doing the killer tango with a hero and a Culkin.

Latest Scream 4 Casting News

Some new blood has just been added to the potential list of Ghostface victims for Wes Craven's upcoming sequel Scream 4, and we've got the latest news on who will be getting all screamy for you!

Just in! Possible Casting News for Scream 4

Wondering who's gonna end up possible meat for the beast known as Ghostface when Scream 4 hits theatres April 15th of next year? Time for a little casting news to get you in the spirit of things!

New Scream 4 Website Launches

Those who are dying to get more information on the return of Ghostface can now sit back and wait for it to slide right into their inboxes. The official Scream 4 website has launched, and for now it is home to only one very important feature.

More on Scream 4 from Wes Craven and New Teaser One-Sheet

While Freddy may be owning the spotlight for now, another one of Wes Craven's villains will be returning to rule the roost around this time next year! Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Ghostface will be back in the upcoming sequel Scream 4 (or SCRE4M for you cool kids playing along) with maestro Wes Craven once again at the helm. The director spilled some beans today, and we even have a look at the new teaser poster!

Jamie Kennedy NOT Back for Scream 4!

Yet another Internet rumor has been put to rest concerning the latest return to the knife, Scream 4. Despite a lot of speculation it turns out one of the series' most beloved characters will not be coming back after all.

Jamie Kennedy Back for Scream 4?

Though we all watched in amusement and horror as Jamie Kennedy's cinephile character was killed off in Scream 2, we were also kind of bummed out. His character was arguably one of the best that the franchise has known, and Scream 3 definitely suffered without him. So the question beckons ... will he be back for Scream 4?

Kevin Williamson Talks Neve Campbell's Scream 4 Return

There's been lots of discussion about the upcoming slasher fueled return of Scream 4, but one thing that wasn't always so clear was whether or not franchise star Neve Campbell would be returning. Thankfully all the pieces have fallen into place, and now writer Kevin Williamson has spoken a bit about her return!

UPDATE: Brian Cox NOT in Scream 4

Some possible casting news has seeped in for the first film in the new Scream trilogy, Scream 4 or Scre4m for you hipsters.

Random Bits of Scream 4 Stuffage

Now that Scream 4 is official right down to a release date of April 15th, 2011, you can expect the marketing machines to go into overdrive.

Official: Wes Craven Back for Scream 4

It seemed as if we'd be stuck on 'maybe' forever, but finally the official word has come to pass. The man who started it all will be back to begin anew, and Ghostface fans now have reason to cheer!

Liev Schreiber on Scream 4; Is He In or Out?

A few news sites across the World Wide Web have intimated that along with Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell, Liev Schrieber would be returning to the Scream universe in installment #4, reprising his role as Cotton Weary. Our man Nomad was present at the Repo Men press junket taking place in NYC today and got the skinny straight from the man himself.

Wes Craven Still Not Locked Down for Scream 4

Just a few days ago the LA Times reported that director Wes Craven was aboard for the first entry into the trilogy of the born again slasher franchise, Scream 4. Turns out they were a bit premature in their findings.

Event Report: Wes Craven Double Feature at The Aero / Talks My Soul to Take and Scream 4

On a rainy Sunday night in Santa Monica, Wes Craven came to the Aero Theater to present two of his more provocative pieces from the midpoint of his career: The People Under The Stairs and The Serpent and The Rainbow.