Scout Taylor-Compton

Halloween II Joins the Motion Poster Craze!

We're just a few minutes away from midnight here on the West Coast, and the PR machine for Rob Zombie's Halloween II is not done yet! You should have known they'd have one last trick up their sleeves: a hop on the motion poster bandwagon just in time for the film's nationwide release.

H2: New Twisted Picture of Scout as Laurie Strode

A new picture from Rob Zombie's Halloween II surfaced online today, and surprise!, it's not from Zombie's MySpace page. Instead, it was posted on Twitter by Scout Taylor-Compton, aka Laurie Strode herself.

Halloween II: Laurie Set to Kill

A while ago we grabbed some screen caps from the trailer for Rob Zombie's upcoming sequel that showed off some really interesting images from Halloween II, including two shots of what appears to be Laurie dressed as little Michael, clown suit and all. Some said we were wrong and that it was the new kid playing young Mikey, but vindication has come today!

Exclusive: A Bloody Good Halloween 2 Still

To go along with the latest still posted just below this story, Dread Central snagged one that's exclusive to our site, and I have to say it looks pretty damn sweet!

New Halloween 2 Still

The 400th still from Rob Zombie's Halloween II appeared online today, and this one is actually rockin' some moments we've been waiting to see.

New H2 Wallpaper and Fan-Made Canadian One-Sheet

More Halloween II goodies have surfaced for you rabid fans that want EVERYTHING! Get ready to dig on some curious desktop wallpaper and some Canadian poster art from a fan!

Halloween 2 Chicks Show You Their Hole

We know. Skanky headline, right? If you think that's bad, wait until you see the new behind-the-scenes photo just added to Zombie's MySpace page showing off his ... ummm ... hotties hangin' out at Uncle Meat's Java Hole.

H2: Scout Loves Happy Endings

Dread Central favorite Scout Taylor-Compton released another still from the upcoming Halloween 2 on her official MySpace Page this weekend, so of course we nabbed it and brought it here for ya! We're good like that!

More From Rob Zombie on H2

Yet more interviews, one with the man himself and the other with Scout Taylor-Compton, have popped up for Halloween 2. You know, just in case you haven't already overdosed on the myriad of stuff out there already.

One of the Many Faces of Michael Myers

Now that filming has wrapped on Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, he must have figured it was time to reveal a taste of what we can expect when Michael Myers once again dons the mask, even if it will be for only a small part of the film as reported previously.

H2: Scout Speaks and More!

Another video interview has emerged from the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, this time with Scout Taylor-Compton talking about the flick as well as a couple of other juicy tidbits.

H2: New Strode Pic and Myers Video

A couple of updates on the Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 front: a new picture of Scout as Laurie and even a video chat with Tyler Mane!

Halloween 2 Behind-the-Scenes Video

The Internet is a wondrous place, isn't it? Remember back in the day when we had to wait for a DVD to come out to catch some behind-the-scenes info on our favorite films? Those days have gone the way of the 8-Track and Crystal Pepsi.

We Triple Dog Dare You to Watch This Trailer

I've always wanted to be a fly on the wall at a hot chick sleepover. Well, okay, I'm lying; I'd much rather be home playing Xbox, but in any event sometimes things can get a little deadlier than just your expected pillow fight. In fact the goings on could very well result in horror's latest trend -- the accidental death/revenge film!

Official Site & Clip for Triple Dog

And the award for most eye-rolling title goes to ... Triple Dog! Taken from the common phrase “I triple dog dare you to…”, this new teen thriller found itself an official site recently, and some teaser footage has shown up online as well.