Scott Ian

Watch the First Episode of Blood and Guts Featuring Scott Ian of Anthrax

"Blood and Guts," a new behind-the-scenes makeup FX show, launched today on The Nerdist YouTube Channel, and we have the first episode for you right here. Join host Scott Ian as he spends a day with legendary FX artist Greg Nicotero ("The Walking Dead") in his KNB EFX studio.

More from Scott Ian on the set of The Walking Dead

Earlier in the week Anthrax's Scott Ian got zombified for Season 2 of "The Walking Dead", and he proudly posted an image on Twitter. He promised fans that there was more to come. He wasn't lying! Over on Ian's official blog he shared another image and the following ...

Anthrax's Scott Ian Gets Zombiefied for The Walking Dead

What's this? A story about the upcoming second season of "The Walking Dead" that isn't riddled with anger, heartache, and frustration? Stranger things have happened.