Science Team

Explosive New Science Team Trailer Hits with a Splat

On tap right now is a headsy trailer (you'll get it once you watch it) for the upcoming horror comedy Science Team. Be warned though... although it's pretty much safe for work, you may wanna keep the volume low and be careful whom you watch it around.

Experiment with the Science Team Trailer

On tap right now is another trailer for the upcoming horror comedy Science Team along with a brand new still from the flick. Just think; you can enjoy them both right here without firing up a Bunsen burner or filling a beaker!

Learn Something from the New Promo Poster for Science Team

We've never been particularly interested in biology or chemistry, although we have spent a lot of time examining the human body and giggled our asses off during some especially explicit heath classes. The upcoming film Science Team hopes to change all that. Dig the new artwork.

Troma Alumni Make Alien Contact With New Film Science Team

After working together on the special effects for Troma's upcoming film Return to Nuke 'Em High, Michele Lombardi and The Taint writer and co-director Drew Bolduc decided to form their own low budget production company.