Final Teaser Trailer - Bio-Slime

Nothing tickles our fancy (or our naughty bits for that matter) quite like slime does. It's just so sticky! Bio-Slime, however, you may want to see a doctor about. Don't believe us? Check out the final teaser trailer for the flick!

Simon Cox's Kaleidoscope Man Looking for Investors

As we keep hearing over and over from filmmakers struggling to get financing for their projects, the industry has changed beyond recognition, and the old rule book has literally been torn up. As a result, they now need to find new and creative ways to get their films made. Case in point? Simon Cox's decision to offer the opportunity for people to get involved in the making of his new film Kaleidoscope Man by way of a donation.

Louise Linton and Sean Patrick Flanery to Become Scavengers in Space

Space. Ever think that one day we'll be cruising around the galaxy as simply as we do now our highways? One thing's for sure ... the aliens out there seem to be a lot more dangerous than the Border-crossers here!

Joshua Jackson Takes Off in U.F.O.

How many people reading this right now are old enough to remember the old British TV show "U.F.O."? Anyone? I'm looking for hands, people! Christ, I'm old. In any event there's a feature film adaptation on the way that is looking to net itself some older fans as well as some new ones.

Will Jake Gyllenhaal Crack Duncan Jones' Source Code?

It's difficult to determine just how horror-oriented a mostly sci-fi sounding project will turn out to be, but since the parties involved in Source Code are Jake Gyllenhaal, Duncan Jones, and Summit Entertainment, we thought it best to provide these latest details to you guys and then keep an eye on things as they progress.

Plaguers DVD Art and Specs

Nightfall Pictures’ award-winning sci-fi/horror film Plaguers, which features demons, aliens, and chicks in space, will make its debut on DVD from Image Entertainment on December 8th, 2009. Yep. We know what we'll be doing that day!

Director William Malone Talks Next Project -- Phoenix Dust

Recently we caught up with William Malone at the LA Screamfest to get the early word on his next project. Best known for directing The House on Haunted Hill, Parasomnia, and "The Fair-Haired Child" episode of Masters of Horror, we're looking forward to what Bill has cooking next. Which is ...

First Look at Gabriel Cowan's Growth

Don't worry! Luckily it's nothing we are going to have to lance ourselves! Instead we speak of the sci-fi thriller that is looking to send more than a few gross-out induced shivers up and down your spine.

Rob Zombie to Expand into Sci-Fi Realm with Blob Remake

In an unexpected turn of events, Rob Zombie will soon be writing, directing, and co-producing ... not an original film as you might think ... but a reinvention of The Blob. Yes, The Blob.

Plaguers (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Steve Railsback, Alexis Zibolis, Paige La Pierre, Bobby James, Noelle Paris Written and Directed by Brad Sykes

Moon (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey Directed by Duncan Jones Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Roth's Big Budget Project Gets a Name

As we told you this past April, Eli Roth has a couple of irons in the fire right now: a feature-length version of the "Thanksgiving" short film from Grindhouse and a big budget sci-fi thriller.

New Bio-Slime Pics

While we’re still waiting to find out when we’ll actually get to see John Lechago’s awesomely-titled Bio-Slime for ourselves, the sickos over at Undead Backbrain just nabbed a slew of exclusive images from the upcoming sci-fi/horror hybrid, one of which you can see on your right.

Alien Trespass Trailer is Here!

A while back we gave you the first word on a film coming from Roadside Attractions called Alien Trespass, a send-up of 50’s alien invasion movies starring “Will & Grace” lead Eric McCormack. For those of you eagerly anticipating its arrival, we’ve got something for your eyeballs to enjoy right now!

Roadside Picks up Alien Trespass

You’d think a movie that stars “Will & Grace” lead Eric McCormack would have a little bit more info available about it online, but it was increasingly difficult to dig up anything on Alien Trespass, which Variety reported this morning has been picked up by Roadside Attractions for distribution.