Stan Lee's Romeo and Juliet: The War Graphic Novel Now Available

It's no secret mash-ups of classic literature and horror/sci-fi themes are all the rage right now, and the latest to jump on the bandwagon is none other than comic legend Stan Lee, whose highly anticipated graphic novel Romeo and Juliet: The War recently hit all major bookstores nationwide.

Early Details, Stills, and a Teaser Trailer for Retro Sci-Fi Feature On the Shoulders of Giants

Yes, K. D. Barker's On the Shoulders of Giants is more sci-fi than horror, but once you get a look at its ridiculously fun teaser trailer, we think you'll dig on the flick's retro vibe and agree it's worthy of coverage here on Dread Central.

Deftone Pictures Studios Announces a Release Date and More Details for Ombis

A week or so ago we got the first word on DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis, which is being co-directed by Adam Steigert and Mark Mendola, and now we have more details on the locations being used for the shoot along with a projected release date and a few behind-the-scenes photos.

First Details, Artwork, and Teaser Trailer for DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis

Adam Steigert of DefTone Pictures Studios dropped us a line with some early details, artwork, and a teaser trailer for Ombis, an alien invasion themed horror/sci-fi film he's co-directing with Mark Mendola. Check it out!

A Trailer Lands for Brian Kazmarck's Terminal Legacy

It was this past summer when we last heard anything about Brian Kazmarck's sci-fi/horror thriller Terminal Legacy, but now a trailer has arrived that we're happy to share. In addition we've learned the film has a projected release date of spring 2012.

Thunderstruck Bringing UFOs to AMC

It appears to lean more toward the sci-fi side of the fence than pure horror, but considering its pedigree, which includes the team who wrote and directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention AMC's acquisition of "Thunderstruck", a new series about powerful and enigmatic alien entities that begin appearing all over the world.

First Details and Artwork for Tristan Versluis' Sci-Fi/Horror Film Omni

UK special effects man Tristan Versluis is about to start shooting his second feature film in Berlin next month, a sci-fi/horror blend entitled Omni. Tristan is best known for his dark, delicious flair with beautifully bloody prosthetics and painstaking CGI work. Check out his showreel here, and read on for more details!

New Still and First Details on Brian Kazmarck's Terminal Legacy

Actor Cuyle Carvin dropped us a line with a new still from his latest project, the sci-fi/horror thriller Terminal Legacy, which was written and directed by Brian Kazmarck and is now in post-production.

Ti West Experiencing the Side Effects

With some really good horror films under his belt including the upcoming critic favorite, The Innkeepers, director Ti West will be switching gears a bit on his next project. Read on for the details!

Three Hammer Legacy Soundtracks Coming from Silva Screen

As horror fans know better than anyone, the best way to beef up a film's mood and atmosphere is through the use of music, and few did that better than the composers who worked for Hammer Films in its heyday. Which is why we're thrilled to pass on the news that three new compilations of Hammer film soundtrack music will be made available through Silva Screen on March 28th.

Early Details on 2009: Mutants of the Apocalypse

Scorpio Film Releasing has announced that its next production, and most ambitious to date, will be the feature film 2009: Mutants of the Apocalypse, a unique look at a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by outlandishly deformed mutants, ruthlessly violent gangs, corruptible leaders, wasteland temptresses, and the most badass antihero in movie history: Python Diamond.

Forbidden World (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by MattFini Starring Jesse Vint, June Chadwick, Dawn Dunlap Directed by Allan Holzman Distributed by Shout! Factory

Look for a Growth on DVD Shelves This September

It's been many months since we're heard any news about Gabriel Cowan's sci-fi thriller Growth, but thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment that's about to change as they'll be releasing the film onto DVD this September 7th.

Read the First Few Pages of Horror/Sci-Fi Novel Kinberra Down

Looking for some summer reading? If so, check out the first few pages of Kinberra Down from Pill Hill Press written by Eric S. Brown and Jessy Marie Roberts.