Scarlett Alice Johnson

Panic Button (UK DVD)

Starring Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jack Gordon, Elen Rhys, Michael Jibson Directed by Chris Crow Distributed by Cine-Britannia

Film4 FrightFest 2011: Push The Panic Button for New Images!

Social networking can be nightmarish. How many times have you met someone online who said they were the hottest thing alive, and then they ended up being a mouth breather? That shit sucks! In any event, two new stills that show what happens when horror goes online in The Panic Button are right here waiting for ya!

Get Ready To Push The Panic Button

UK-based filmmaker Chris Crow is coming hot of the heels of his debut feature (The Devil's Bridge) to tackle another genre project - one that promises lots of relevancy for 21st Century audiences living in the social media age.