Event Report: The Official Saw Haunted Attraction

Halloween is almost here! Sure, everyone loves junk food and horror movie marathons, but there's one thing we at Dread Central crave more than anything: The wonderful world of haunted mazes!

Saw Maze Opening in California!

Jeff Schiefelbein's DarkSide Studios is launching an all-out assault on Halloween with the Saw franchise as their ammo. The studio has created a 10,000 square foot attraction where attendees are given the chance to put their lives in the bloody hands of Jigsaw.

Shawnee Smith Talks Grudges & Saws

Shawnee Smith, oh how I remember falling in love with her when I first saw The Blob. Did I mention that we have a Splattrax for that? Remember? That great idea we had that went over so well?

Saw Trap and Model Pics!

Unlike previous Saw films, the fifth entry in the franchise has some of us genre fans genuinely interested. Why? Well, we have someone else in Jigsaw's shoes, with an entirely new motive, and a new director has our hopes set higher than the previous flicks.

Saw Video Game Posters & Jigsaw Fights AIDS!

How do you make a video game out of the Saw franchise? Would it be a series of mini-games where someone must disarm traps in order to save others/themselves? Could it be a detective game, like Condemnded, where you must piece together clues in order to track down Jigsaw? Word on the street says this last one may be the most likely.

Comic Con 2008 Gallery is Open!

I know you guys were enjoying our seemingly endless stream of images from the floor of Comic Con today, but just cause we stopped doing stories doesn’t mean there’s not more to show off! We just opened the official San Diego Comic Con 2008 gallery, where you’ll find a ton of images we never showed you today, new looks at different figures and some very cool surprises!

Russell on Saw V Status

I can’t deny that I’m pretty excited to see what first-time director David Hackl does with his first entry in the Saw series, Saw V. I really enjoyed the fourth one a lot more than the rest, and I hope that's an indication of a series upswing.

New Saw V Details

First, let's get to the casting news. Shoot Em Up's Greg Bryk has been picked up for the fourth sequel of the Saw series along with Laura Gordon (Piranha) and Carlo Rota ("24"). Today Lionsgate let loose a small, but far more in depth synopsis for Saw V. In depth? Well, compared to the very vague character descriptions we've seen over the past few months...

Saw Game Gets Fresh Blood!

All right, this might possibly be the last news bit we’re able to pull out of the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors which, you have to admit, has been pretty fruitful in the news department this weekend. I don’t think I’ve updated on a Sunday this many times in all the years I’ve been doing this!

Saw V Gets Meagan Good

The Saw franchise still has a monumental amount of potential left in it, and we're hoping the addition of David Hackl at the helm of the upcoming sequel will spark its usage. Oh, and you need a good cast too.

Saw V Gets the Benz

And the Saw casting news keeps rolling in. Who's the next person set to play in one of Jigsaw's game? Variety reports today that Dexter and Rambo star Julie Benz has just signed on for some blood splattered shenanigans!

A Bit More Saw V Casting News

Oh yes, there will be blood, and sequels, and traps, and confusion! The Saw franchise has long been one to leave the viewer with more questions than it does answers. Can Jigsaw succeed in carrying the torture torch for yet another three films (despite being dead) starting with Saw V? Lionsgate seems to think so, and since we're talking about a series that revels in surprise, it's impossible to write them off just yet!

Saw IV Duo to Raise Hell

Yes, it sucked when the guys who made Inside (review) were told their script for the Hellraiser remake wasn’t what the Weinstein Co. was looking for. Andrew had a nice tirade about it in the last Dinner for Fiends, actually, give it a listen. But this new development is promising...

Saw Videogame: Jigsaw Ready to Play at Home

Guess what you're going to be doing in October of 2009 other than going to see the sixth and "final" installment of the Saw series and double dipping for the Saw V Uber-unrated Director's Cut Two-Disc Mega Edition DVD? Firing up your next-gen console with Jigsaw, that's what!

Saw Live in NYC

For anyone that isn’t sure about the connection between music and horror films — and I know there still may be a few of you out there — the music marketing company that’s behind the Saw III soundtrack would suggest that the link is undeniable.