Bigfoot Beats Off Werewolves in Savage

How's that for a headline that can simultaneously get you a bit ill and slightly aroused at the same time? In any event, it's happening but not exactly in the way that you wondrous perverts think. Read on for details.

Get a Look at the Powerful Trailer for Upcoming Irish Film Savage

Savage, judging by the trailer, might be the most aptly named film to come along in quite a while. Take a look at this Irish psychological thriller and see if you don't agree!

Savage (UK DVD)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Directed by Brendan Muldowney Starring Darren Healy, Nora-Jane Noone

More Sasquatchploitation in Latest Savage Trailer

It really shouldn't be this busy on a Friday, but hey, if we gotta work at least we're reporting on Bigfoot movies and not flipping burgers, right? Get ready for more sasquatchploitation in the latest trailer for Savage!

More Savage Sasquatchploitation News to Assault You

Bigfoot just won't stop killing. He is one angry hominid. The humongous hairy will be continuing his murderous rampage in two more Sasquatchploitation flicks on the way: Savage and Assault of the Sasquatch. We have an extended synopsis for one and DVD news for the other. Read this article now or else Bigfoot will stomp you next.

Savage Sasquatch Trailer Packs a Wallop

A few days ago we brought you news and the one-sheet for Savage, a new killer Bigfoot flick starring Lisa Wilcox of Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5 and the venerable Martin Kove. Turns out there's already a trailer lurking out there for this latest bit of Sasquatchploitation.

A Savage One Sheet

Want to see the first one sheet for the upcoming "Sasquatch on the loose" creature feature Savage? Of course you do! Come on in; we have it!

Lisa Wilcox Talks Imago and Savage

Iconic horror villain Freddy Krueger had himself quite a few "final girls" over the last 25 years. One of our personal favorites had always been Alice (played by Lisa Wilcox in Parts 4 and 5). In fact, Alice is the one of the very few to survive the deadly grasp of Elm Street's most nefarious inhabitant. So, where's Alice been since she took on Freddy?