Night Claws Scratches Out a Teaser and Official Site

About a month has gone by since last we told you about the new sliver of Sasquatchploitation coming our way known as Night Claws. This flick sounded like nothing short of chicken-fried gold, and now there are even more reasons to get excited!

Bigfoot Captured on Video in Washington?

Oh, Bigfoot. You're such a tease. This one's for the Sasquatchploitation fans out there - Apparently yet another sighting of the crypto-based beast has been captured on film out in the woods of Spokane, Washington. According to the KXLY website a local woman out for a day hike along the Spokane River claims to have proof of the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot.

The Abominable Snowman Descends Upon Skiers and Adrian Paul

Funny how things can evolve throughout the creative process. When I first saw a listing for Deadly Descent on UFO International Productions' website months ago, the synopsis described skiers and snowboarders trapped on a mountain by an avalanche having to also deal with a pack of wild dogs after them.

Animal Planet to Debut New Series About Not Finding Bigfoot

I've been fascinated by the subject of Sasquatch my entire life. I've probably read more books about Bigfoot than most people even know exist. There was a time when TV shows about Bigfoot fascinated me; that was until I noticed a trend of them never finding a damn thing. Will Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" continue or end the trend?

Abominable New Trailer and Art: Snow Beast

Every second we spend gazing upon the promo materials for the latest slice of Sasquatchploitation from Archstone Distribution, Snow Beast, is time spent grinning from ear-to-ear.

Indie Horror Double Feature: See Shriek of the Sasquatch and Thirsty in Minnesota

In Minnesota? Looking for some free indie horror action? Then we have some info on a free double bill that you're not going to want to miss! Grab a raincoat and bring a drink! Things may just get really sticky!

New Sasquatchploitation Night Claws a B-Movie Fan's Dream

What if Yor, the Hunter from the Future, Sharon Stone's lesbian lover from Basic Instinct, the star of a host of 80s/90s made-for-video action b-movies, the King of the Kickboxer's girlfriend, and Sylvester Stallone's brother got together to star in a new Sasquatchploitation flick called Night Claws from the director of such horror movies as Killer Workout and Mardi

The Shroud Continues to Unfold - Read the Script NOW!

We didn't expect to have an update on The Shroud so soon, but Hollywood's wheels keep on spinning so we just have to try and keep up while keeping you up-to-date.

Exclusive First Word and Early Teaser Art - The Shroud

Here at Dread Central we get sent dozens of scripts a week. We're always happy (and a little shocked) when a young writer asks for our opinion on his or her work, but we like being here to lend a hand. A few days ago a script came our way that's quickly gaining momentum for its premise alone.

Raymond Castile Dishes Out the Sasquatchploitation with The Devil at Lost Creek

Raymond Castile, the man who played the young Coffin Joe in the upcoming film The Embodiment of Evil, has continued to find his way through the world of filmmaking. Next up? Taking the director's chair for the Sasquatchploitation short The Devil at Lost Creek!

The Yeti Bares its Claws in New Short Film

The last couple of years have been riddled with lots of Sasquatchploitation, and it's great to see the original forest dwelling big guy getting so much love. It seems like every week there's a new flick starring the mythical man-beast to tell you about, but instead of telling you about this next one ... How about we just show it to you instead?

Snow Beast Trailer is Purposely Abominable

There was a 1977 TV movie called Snowbeast about a killer Yeti terrorizing a Colorado ski resort. You barely saw the monster at all. Now there's a new killer Yeti movie called Snow Beast, starring John Schneider and Jason London, and you'll see 100 times more monster in this trailer than in all of that Seventies flick.

Trailer Debut: Shriek of the Sasquatch

Time for some more good old fashioned Sasquatchploition in a movie filmed with hot chicks and scary hairy beasts! Do you think you have what it takes to heed the Shriek of the Sasquatch? Prove it by watching this new trailer.

Bigfoot to Stomp China in 3D

Somewhere upon reading this, the Foywonder is dancing a tiny Jig of Joy™! That's right, kids! China is getting into the Sasquatchploitation game on a grand scale, looking to create a 3D Avatar-like experience featuring the mythical man-ape!

Hear the Mountain Wailer in this Trailer

Bigfoot? Werewolf? A hairy beast unto itself? Not sure what exactly the titular beast of the new Spanish language creature feature The Mountain Wailer is, but you most certainly do not want to hear its cry.