Do Anything for an Exclusive Clip from Night Claws

We have another exclusive for you cats. On tap right now is an exclusive clip from Night Claws, the latest sliver of Sasquatchploitation which is available now on DVD from Midnight Releasing. It asks: What would you do to get away from a monster?

Ladies and Gentlemen... Sexsquatch!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a motion picture entitled Sexsquatch has come into existence. Shockingly, no, it is not a porn parody. It is, however, a softcore horror comedy. More importantly, it is a softcore horror comedy entitled Sexsquatch.

First Look at Eduardo Sanchez's Bigfoot Flick Exists

A throng of Bigfoot movies have hit the market lately, and believe it or not, the only one to deliver on any kind of level came from The Asylum of all places. That being said, all eyes are on The Blair Witch Project's Ed Sanchez to give us what we're looking for.

Dear God No! It's a UK DVD Release!

No, of course we aren't lamenting the news of another fear flick hitting DVD shelves. Rather, we're bringing the news of the UK DVD release of director James Bickert's exploitation-laden Dear God No!, gearing up to smack you in the face on January 14, 2013, courtesy of Monster Pictures. Feast on the goodies here, and check out the VERY NSFW trailer!

Bigfoot Brandishing his Night Claws on DVD Next Month

It would be easy to dismiss Night Claws as just another low budget Bigfoot movie, but if you’re a lover of b-movies, then the pedigree behind this latest piece of Sasquatchploitation makes it a must-see.

Spike TV Places a 10 Million Dollar Bounty on the Head of Bigfoot

Bigfoot’s days are numbered. That’s because Spike TV is upping the ante on all the Bigfoot shows that routinely fail to prove Sasquatch’s existence with a new show that adds a monstrous monetary incentive to anyone out there that can offer definitive proof that the big hairy one is real.

Director Corey Grant Talks Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes

Corey Grant is an African-American director with such titles as Hip-Hop Task Force and its follow-up, Studio, on his resume. Stereotypically speaking, he's not your typical horror director.

Exclusive Clip from Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes

What better way could there be to kick off your Monday morning than with some good old fashioned Sasquatchploitation? Settle in, kids, because we have an exclusive clip on tap for you cats for Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes! Dig it!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes One-Sheet

In honor of the limited theatrical release of Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, we're giving away one badass one-sheet! In fact it's one of our absolute favorite bits of artwork of the year! Read on for details.

New Trailer and Artwork Take us to Bigfoot County

A new trailer and artwork have arrived for the next sliver of cinéma vérité-style Sasquatchploitation, Bigfoot County, starring Stephon Stewart along with Davee Youngblood and Shy Pilgreen. Dig it!

Sasquatch Hoax Ends in Tragedy

As a race, we human beings have wrought insufferable tragedy on ourselves and the world. Sometimes said tragedy is the by-product of our own stupidity. Case in point: one man whose brush with the legend of Bigfoot brought about an untimely demise.

Who's Up for a Visit to Bigfoot County?

More cinéma vérité-style Sasquatchploitation is on its way, and we've got all the details on who will be taking this latest trip into the land of Bigfoot. Pack heavy, kids; it's not safe to head out into the woods with just your camera!

First Trailer Found for New Bigfoot Flick The Lost Coast Tapes

Fans of Sasquatchploitation rejoice! The first full trailer for XLrator Media's found footage Bigfoot flick, The Lost Coast Tapes, has made its way online, and we have every hairy horror-filled second of it right here on tap! Check it out!

A Trailer Has Arrived for Syfy's Bigfoot with 1970's Heartthrobs Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce

If you're anything like us, we know what you'll be doing on Saturday night, June 30th: watching Syfy's upcoming Bigfoot of course! And now we have our first look at the trailer for this Syfy Original Movie in which a DJ and a conservationist team up to fight against the deadly Bigfoot.