Sasha Roiz

Image Gallery and a Clip from Grimm Episode 2.07 - The Bottle Imp

This week's clip from "Grimm" is introduced by Russell Hornsby and features yet another new creature, The Drang-Zorn, which Nick and Hank come across hidden in the books in Aunt Marie's trailer. Check it out, along with a new image gallery, and be sure to tune in this Friday night.

Official Synopsis for Grimm's Halloween Episode - La Llorona

We already knew that the Halloween installment of "Grimm," Episode No. 2.09, titled "La Llorona," would be based on the Mexican legend of the same name, and now we have the full official synopsis courtesy of NBC.

Preview of Grimm Episode 2.07 - The Bottle Imp

We can't say enough good things about this season of "Grimm" as the show has taken all of the best elements of last season and ramped them up 1000%. Here's a preview of what to expect from this week's Episode 2.07, "The Bottle Imp."

Grimm's #ShirtlessRage Twitter Campaign Pays Off; See a Revealing Deleted Scene Featuring Sasha Roiz

If you're a fan of "Grimm" on NBC and follow Sasha Roiz, one of its stars, on Twitter, then you know all about the #ShirtlessRage campaign to get NBC to air a deleted scene that features him. We have all the details here... along with the newly released scene.

Full Synopsis Revealed for Grimm Episode 2.08 - The Other Side

Ready to look ahead a few weeks to "Grimm" Episode 2.08, "The Other Side"? With a guest star like James Frain ("True Blood") and the return of Nick's beastly nemesis Adalind, we can't wait!

Two Sneak Peek Clips from Grimm Episode 2.06 - Over My Dead Body

A couple of clips from the upcoming Episode 2.06 of "Grimm," entitled "Over My Dead Body," popped up online today, and of course we have them both right here so you don't have to forage around for them.

A Sneak Peek Clip from Grimm Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

We don't know about you guys, but we are more than ready for the return of "Grimm" on NBC this Friday with Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," and finally NBC has released a clip from the ep, which is introduced by fan favorite Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe).

Hexenbiest Becomes Grimm Regular

"Grimm" returns this Friday, September 28th, with Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," but that's not the only good news we have for you... the show now has a new series regular!

Grimm: Image Gallery for Episode 2.06 - Over My Dead Body; Synopsis for Episode 2.07 - The Bottle Imp

"Grimm" returns this Friday, September 28th, with Ep. 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," but we're already looking ahead to the next two weeks with an image gallery for Ep. 2.06, "Over My Dead Body", and the official synopsis for Ep. 2.07, "The Bottle Imp".

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

"Grimm" returns to the airwaves on Friday, September 28th, and NBC should have a clip or two to show us shortly. While we wait, here are a few stills from the upcoming Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd".

Full Synopsis Revealed for Grimm Episode 2.06 - Over My Dead Body

"Grimm" returns to Friday nights on NBC in two weeks, but in the meantime we've tracked down the official synopsis for the episode following that one, #2.06, entitled "Over My Dead Body," airing October 5th.

Casting News for Grimm's Halloween Episode Based on the La Llorona Legend

Kate del Castillo ("Weeds") is heading to NBC for the Halloween episode of "Grimm," titled "La Llorona," which is loosely based on the famed legend of a woman who drowned her children, as Nick and the gang take on the case of the Weeping Woman.

Grimm Is on the Move; Watch a Preview of Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

NBC's experiment of moving "Grimm" to Monday nights has ended, and the show returns to its regular Friday night 9:00 pm time slot on September 28th. Check out this preview of Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," in which "True Blood"'s Kristina Anapau guest stars.

Image Gallery and Two More Clips from Grimm Episode 2.04 - Quill

Monday night's episode of "Grimm" looks to have lots of action: Julliette calls Monroe looking for answers about her relationship with Nick, and Adalind's cat escapes, leaving destruction in its wake. Check out our image gallery and a new pair of clips from "Quill."

Another Sneak Peek at Grimm Episode 2.04 - Quill

Yeah, we are really digging on this second season of "Grimm," which, like "Supernatural," delivers the horror goods on a weekly basis. The good news for fans? We have another preview of what's in store in Episode 2.04, "Quill." Dig it!