Sasha Grey

Would You Rather a Trailer?

Quick question ... would you rather watch a trailer for Would You Rather, or would you rather not watch said trailer and instead go on with your life, never sampling the goodness of this latest horror flick? The choice seems pretty clear to us.

Plate Shattering New One-Sheet for Would You Rather

Around these parts we love us some Tom Hodge. The wonderfully mad artist behind The Dude Designs is back with another one-sheet that puts 90% of what we normally get to shame. Check out the new eye candy for Would You Rather.

First Art and Details - Would You Rather

With the Berlin Film Market right on the horizon, you can expect some steady news coming out of the big dance's run. Next up - we have the first sales art and details for Would You Rather.

Details On New Sasha Grey Film, Would You Rather

Sasha Grey seems to be on the precipice of crossing over into the mainstream entertainment industry, and her apparent affinity for genre filmmaking is quite endearing. Today we bring you news of another genre flick in which Ms. Grey will appear.

Porn Princess Sasha Grey to Skinny Dip in the Blood of Her Enemies

The logline for this flick speaks volumes: "They took her bikini. They took her virginity. When they were through, she took her revenge." Though we're fairly certain it's been a long time since anyone has taken Sasha Grey's virginity, we're happy to see her go all I Spit on Your Grave in Frank Latin's new flick Skinny Dip.

UPDATE: Sasha Grey and Hailey Glassman Exposed to the Horrors of the Hallow

Porn stars have been using the horror genre as a way into regular (meaning movies in which every single orifice they possess aren't stuffed with anything from inanimate objects to penises the size of loaves of French bread) flicks for a long time now. Some make it, some don't, some fade into obscurity. Sasha Grey, however, seems to be doing just fine and has a new horror flick in the works.

Sasha Grey Ventures to the Hallows

What pops into your head when I say that Sasha Grey has a new movie coming out? Either another pretentious Steven Soderbergh borefest or a porno flick where she’s choked out on a bathroom floor amidst a gangbang, right? There’s actually a third option today – one so crazy that it might just work.

Smash Cut (2009)

Reviewed by Evil Andy Starring David Hess, Sasha Grey, Jesse Buck, Michael Berryman Directed by Lee Demarbre “I see filmmaking as a business and pity anyone who sees it as an art form.” – Herschell Gordon Lewis.