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AFM 2011: Really Flat Sales Art for Liars All

Early sales art for Liars All has come our way pre-AFM, and after looking at it, the only thing running through our minds is, "Yeah, good luck with that." Sometimes Photoshop is just not your friend.

Spooky New One-Sheet: The Innkeepers

Ti West's stellar spookfest The Innkeepers has gotten itself some brand spanking new artwork, and like everything else associated with the flick, it kicks some serious ass! Dig it!

Ti West's The Innkeepers Lands Distribution!

Finally, after a more than successful festival run, Ti West's sensational new ghost flick The Innkeepers is coming home to deliver the fun and the chills directly to you! Read on for details!

Shark Night 3D (2011)

Starring Joel David Moore, Katharine McPhee, Sara Paxton Directed by David R. Ellis

Shark Night 3D (2011)

Starring Joel David Moore, Katharine McPhee, Sara Paxton Directed by David R. Ellis

Shark Night Central - Read the Review, Dig on Interviews, Watch Clips and More!

The non-stop assault to your senses by nature's most efficient killers comes to a head with the theatrical release of Relativity Media's Shark Night 3D in theaters. If the insane amount of coverage wasn't enough to help you decide what to spend your hard-earned dough this weekend, we hope that this nifty package of our choice bits will do the trick.

Dread Central's Highlights from Shark Night 3D Roundtable Interviews with Joel David Moore, Sara Paxton and More!

Tonight at midnight horror fans all over will be able to see for themselves if Shark Night 3D has any bite to it or not. Directed by David R. Ellis (The Final Destination), Shark Night 3D is centered around a group of college friends who set out for a relaxing weekend lakeside, only to witness their vacation turn into a bloody disaster after they realize the lake has somehow become overrun by a gaggle of angry (and hungry) sharks.

CONTEST CLOSED! Arm Yourself with Shark Night 3D Swag!

With Shark Night 3D swimming into theatres this Friday, September 2nd, we here at Dread Central thought thatvnow would be an appropriate time to give away some official goodies to fend off the flesh-eaters!

Exclusive Q&A - David R. Ellis Talks Shark Night 3D

Who would have thought back in 1996, when stuntman-turned-director David R. Ellis made his directorial debut with a sequel to the family movie Homeward Bound that he would go down in movie history as one of the main faces of horror cinema of the 00s?

Shark Night 3D Video Interviews With Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Katharine McPhee and Joel David Moore

In this second part of our Shark Night 3D video interview series, we focus on the talents of Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Katharine McPhee and Hatchet favorite Joel David Moore. Dig on the goods below!

Shark Night 3D Video Interviews With Chris Carmack, Chris Zylka, Alyssa Diaz and Sinqua Walls

As theatre-goers seek respite from the summer heat in those nice chilled movie theaters this weekend, they can expect to be terrorized by more creatures. This time, Relativity Media's Shark Night 3D offers up an up close view of nature's most efficient killers in action against those perfect beach bodies.

Offical Shark Night 3D Clip Gallery Swims Ashore

Just when you thought it was safe to step away from your computer, we've gathered up all of the Shark Night 3D clips for you and fit them into this one little spot! Pretty nifty, eh?

New Shark Night 3D Clip Talks Dietary Balance

Another day, another clip from Shark Night 3D. Here's the kicker, though ... this one actually takes place ... are you ready? ... wait for it ... wait ... for ... it ... at night! I know, right? Read on for the goods.

Official Shark Night 3D Image Gallery Chums the Waters! Nearly Forty Bits of Bitey Goodness!

Okay. Every single possible image (just short of the ones some sites acquire via screen-caps from the trailer and claim as official) for the upcoming water based adventure Shark Night 3D is here in one little place, and you don't even need a wetsuit to check 'em out. Of course if you'd like to put one on anyway, that's entirely up to you!

Cagey New Shark Night 3D Clip

Clip number three for Shark Night 3D has arrived and of course takes place in the daytime. Maybe they're saving all the nighttime goodies for the movie itself?