Sara Paxton

SXSW 2013: First Look at E.L. Katz's Cheap Thrills

In anticipation of the premiere of the new film from E.L. Katz, Cheap Thrills, at the upcoming South by Southwest Film Festival, Entertainment Weekly has scored a look at the film's trailer. Dig it!

Innkeppers Co-Stars All About the Cheap Thrills

There's no doubt that Innkeepers co-stars Pat Healy and Sara Paxton have great onscreen chemistry with one another, and that winning combination is being put to good use once again in the new flick Cheap Thrills.

Cling to the First Trailer from Static

It was during last year's AFM that the next 3D horror flick coming at you from music video director Todd Levin, Static 3D, hit our radar, and wouldn't you know it? Just in time for Cannes we have a sales trailer. Check it out!

Innkeepers, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis, George Riddle Directed by Ti West

Find a Trailer When You Enter Nowhere

Hitting DVD on April 3rd, 2012 is Jack Heller's latest flick Enter Nowhere courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment, and to get you geared up, the trailer has appeared online. Dig it!

Exclusive Video Interview: Ti West and Sara Paxton Talk The Innkeepers, Real-Life Ghosts and More!

Generally, most of us would hightail it home if we were staying somewhere that's also occupied by ghosts, but not writer/director Ti West. After finding out that the hotel he and his crew were residing in while shooting his 2009 flick The House of the Devil was truly haunted, West thought all the spooky shenanigans at the Yankee Pedlar Inn would be great for a follow-up effort, and thus was born The Innkeepers.

Make Contact with a New Clip from The Innkeepers

Turn out the lights. Fire up your candles. Be extremely quiet. It's time to contact the other side. The dead have a message for us. Find out what it is in this latest clip from the incredible new spooker from Ti West, The Innkeepers.

Exclusive TV Spot: The Innkeepers - Available NOW Through Magnolia On-Demand

It's one of the final days of 2011. Why not send it out with a ghostly shriek of terror? That's right, dreadheads; if you're looking for something to do, we have a can't miss good time suggestion for you...

The Innkeepers Record and Share Their EVPs

When it comes to the validity of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and whether or not you're actually hearing the voices of the dead, most of the time said spooky sounds are really left up to your own interpretation as to what you're hearing. However, when it comes to promoting a flick, well, then the white noise can come in loud and clear! Check out the latest from The Innkeepers.

New Handful of Innkeepers Images Scares Up Some Spookery

We have more goodness on tap for you kids out there looking forward to Ti West's The Innkeepers (which incidentally should be ALL of you). Several new images are right here waiting for ya! Dig it!

The Innkeepers Go Viral to Haunt You

Listen up, ghost hunters, because you're in for a real treat. A viral website has gone live in support of the December 30th VOD release date of Ti West's The Innkeepers that lets you explore the film's real life haunted location, The Yankee Pedlar!

Make a Date with Ti West's The Innkeepers in Theatres This February!

Finally we have a rock solid release date so that you can plan on enjoying all of the ghostly goodness that Ti West's latest fright flick, The Innkeepers, has to offer where it was meant to be seen ... in a darkened theatre on a big-ass screen!

Sara Paxton and David R. Ellis Reuniting for The Briar Lake Murders?

It's been many months since last we checked in with the latest project from director David R. Ellis (The Final Destination, Shark Night 3D) known as The Briar Lake Murders, but there finally seems to be a bit of movement in those troubled waters.

AFM 2011: Sales Art Debut - Static 3D

More eye candy is coming out of the chaos that is AFM 2011, this time for the next 3D horror flick coming at you from music video director Todd Levin, Static 3D. Come get an eyeful!

Finally! A Green-Band Trailer for The Innkeepers!

To go along with the spooky new one-sheet that debuted this week, Ti West's The Innkeepers now has an ass-kicking new green-band trailer. Come on in and watch it. Just be warned that some guests never check out!