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Guess Who Being Human's Cheater of the Pack Is in These New Photos from Episode 4.06

Is a reconciliation in the cards for "Being Human's" Aidan and Suzanna? Somehow we don't think so although in these new photos from Episode 4.06, "Cheater of the Pack," they do seem to be getting a bit chummier.

Get a Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 4.06 - Cheater of the Pack

Josh was pretty hard on Sally in last night's episode of "Being Human" (deservedly so, we'd say), and it sounds like she's still up to her new tricks in next week's Episode 4.06, "Cheater of the Pack." Check out a sneak peek!

Aidan Has Too Much Fun in this Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 4.05 - Pack It Up, Pack It In

Normally dour vampire Aidan is positively giddy in this sneak peek of "Being Human" Episode 4.05, "Pack It Up, Pack It In." Check it out to see what he's so happy about!

First Images from Being Human Episode 4.05 - Pack It Up, Pack It In

Next week's Episode 4.05 of "Being Human," titled "Pack It Up, Pack It In," brings us a few more flashbacks... and the return of popular character Henry Durham, portrayed by Kyle Schmid. Here are a few photos of what's coming.

New Images from Being Human Episode 4.04 - Panic Womb

In next week's Episode 4.04 of "Being Human," the cleverly titled "Panic Womb," Susanna Fournier returns as Zoe. To give you a taste of what she's up to, here are several stills from the ep, which also includes the return of Aidan's new love interest, Kat.

Preview and Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 4.04 - Panic Womb

Syfy hasn't released any photos from "Being Human" Episode 4.04, "Panic Womb," yet; but to tide you over until they do, we have a preview and clip to share. So far this season is darker than ever, and we couldn't be happier!

Being Human's Sam Witwer Heading to Portland for a Part in Grimm

Building on its reputation for having some of the best guest stars on any TV show, "Grimm" has landed one of the stars of Syfy's "Being Human," and we have all the details right here.

Preview, Sneak Peek, and Photos from Being Human Episode 4.03 - Lil' Smokie

"Being Human" Episode 4.03, "Lil' Smokie," brings the return of Aidan's "son," Kenny; and along with the ep's preview and a sneak peek, we have a batch of photos, including a new cast group shot, to share.

Take Your Midol and Check Out Some Photos from Being Human Episode 4.02 - That Time of the Month

One thing we really appreciate about "Being Human" is that it doesn't dilly-dally with moving along its storyline. And it has some kick-ass guest stars, two of whom appear in these new stills from Episode 4.02, "That Time of the Month."

Reminder: Being Human Google+ Hangout Is Tonight

"Being Human" returns to Syfy tonight with Episode 4.01, "Old Dogs, New Tricks," and this is your reminder about the LIVE Google+ Hangout taking place before and after the season premiere.

Chat Live with the Cast of Being Human Before the Season 4 Premiere - Old Dog, New Tricks

The Season 4 premiere of "Being Human" is coming up fast (January 13th to be exact) so be sure to mark your calendars because the cast will be doing a LIVE hangout on Syfy Google+ just before the episode airs. Read on for the details, and start prepping your questions now!

Syfy's Being Human: The Complete Third Season Hitting Blu-ray/DVD January 7th

With Season 4 of Syfy's "Being Human" premiering in just a few weeks, you can catch up with Season 3 of this fan-favorite supernatural mash-up on January 7th when Entertainment One releases its four-disc Blu-ray/DVD sets.

Sit Up and Beg for This New Promo for Syfy's Being Human Episode 4.01 - Old Dog, New Tricks

We've made our list and checked it twice; can Santa ensure horror continues to dominate our TV screens during 2014? A consistent contributor to that trend is Syfy's "Being Human," returning soon with Ep. 4.01, "Old Dog, New Tricks." Get another quick sneak peek right here.

Latest Being Human Season 4 Teaser Shows Some Skin

Another new promo for Season 4 of Syfy's "Being Human" has arrived, and this one shows some skin... a lot of skin in fact! Four roommates; so many parts. Check out all the times our hotties have shown off their skin.

Count the Fangs as You Wait for the Premiere of Being Human Season 4

We've counted doors for Sally and full moons for Josh and Nora, and now it's time to count black eyes and fangs for Aidan as we head into the final stretch before the Season 4 premiere of Syfy's "Being Human."