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#SDCC14: Joe Lynch and Salma Hayek Talk Everly

We told you that Joe Lynch's next film, Everly, scored distro via Dimension Films and RADiUS a couple of months back, and today we caught up with Lynch and his star Salma Hayek at Comic-Con and came back with the goods for you! Read on!

EFM 2014: Dimension Snags Rights to Joe Lynch's Everly

More awesome news is coming out of the 2014 European Film Market as Joe Lynch's next film, Everly, has scored itself some distribution here in America. Read on for the details straight from Berlin!

AFM 2013: First Look at Salma Hayek in Joe Lynch's Everly

With the American Film Market bearing down on us, expect to hear a lot about the horror projects heading to the event. Right now we have the first look at Academy Award-nominated Salma Hayek in director Joe Lynch's action thriller Everly.

Salma Hayek Joins Joe Lynch's Everly

It's been awhile since last we heard anything regarding the Joe Lynch project Everly, but some pretty major casting news broke this morning and we have one question... how much bloodshed is Joe planning on splattering Hayek with? Please, lord, say a lot!

Salma Hayek and ABC Have a Wicked New Miniseries on the Way

We don't know about you cats, but we find The Wizard of Oz to be one frighteningly bizarre tale! Flying monkeys! Talking trees! The Lollypop Guild! It's the stuff of nightmares, man! And let's not forget the Wicked Witch herself, who in her day sent many a shiver down childhood spines! Ever wonder whatever evils she was capable of? Thanks to ABC and Salma Hayek, we're about to find out!

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring John C. Reilly, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Massoglia, Jessica Carlson, Salma Hayek Directed by Paul Weitz Distributed by Universal

New Vampire's Assistant Clip

A new clip from Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (review here) popped up online today showcasing a little vampire tussle. If we're lucky maybe someone will get their ear bitten off!

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009)

Reviewed by Clint and Heather McCrocklin Starring John C. Reilly, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Massoglia, Jessica Carlson, Salma Hayek Directed by Paul Weitz

Two New Vampire's Assistant Images

Two more images have risen forth from the first chapter in the Cirque du Freak saga, The Vampire's Assistant, depicting some good old fresh out of the grave weirdness!

Finally! A Look at Salma Hayek as the Bearded Lady!

We've been waiting for this picture for months since the news first broke that the gorgeous Salma Hayek was going to be covering her face with a beard for a role in The Vampire's Assistant (formerly known as Cirque du Freak). And today our patience was rewarded.

The Vampire's Assistant Gets a Trailer

Fans hungry to see the first chapter in the Cirque du Freak story come to life can get themselves a little taste of what's to come as the trailer for the film just debuted.

The Vampire's Assistant's Poster Debuts

I for one really liked the original title of The Vampire's Assistant, which was Cirque du Freak, but I guess we Americans need things all nice and easy ... and in English ... before we accept them. In any event, the first teaser poster for the film landed online today, and we have a look at it for you.

Cirque du Freak Becomes The Vampire's Assistant

It’s with some shame that I confess to having never read Darren Shan’s book series Cirque du Freak. Not yet, at least. I pride myself on staying atop the genre’s writers, but Shan continues to elude me. He hasn’t eluded Hollywood, however, as Universal is gearing up to release the big budget adaptation of Cirque this fall – only now there’s a title change to contend with.

Cirque du Freak Open For Business in 2010

Good news for those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Cirque du Freak! Universal has finally given the film an official release date!

First Look at Hayek in Cirque du Freak

Okay, I don’t get it. USA Today got the pic you see on your right of Salma Hayek in the new vampire film Cirque du Freak, in which she plays the Bearded Lady. But ... she’s got no beard.