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Event Report: Screamfest LA 2011: Exclusive Photos from Nights #7 and #8; Coverage of the Premieres of Enter Nowhere, No Rest for the Wicked, The Little Mermaid, Infected, and More

Coverage of this year's Screamfest LA Film Festival continues with Dread Central's event report for Thursday, October 20th, and Friday, October 21st, when we hit the carpet to bring you more photos and caught the premieres of Jack Heller’s feature film Enter Nowhere (Night #7) and of Ryan Schifrin’s No Rest for the Wicked, The Little Mermaid, Infected, and more. (Night #8).

Trailer Debut - Ryan Schifrin's Latest Short Film, No Rest for the Wicked: A Basil & Moebius Adventure

We spend week after week going to the movies. Sometimes we score and end up having a good time, but mostly we're just subjected to bloated Hollywood bullshit. Then it happens we see a trailer for a short film and can't help but think, "Wow. A feature version of this would be so badass." Such is the case with the trailer for No Rest for the Wicked: A Basil & Moebius Adventure.

Learn the Art of Writing Horror from Today's Best and Brightest

There seem to be lots of people out there who feel they just need a push to put pen to paper and get that great screenplay written. If you're one of them, then stop being a lazy ass and start writing, damn you! It's not going to happen all by itself, is it!? Also, there's this Screenwriting Expo you might be interested in.

Preview: The Devil's Handshake

The same team behind SPOOKS! is at it once again, and this time they're getting set to deliver to horror comic readers the goods in the form of a Devil's Handshake. Interested? You should be. We've got a seven-page preview to whet your fright-loving whistle!

SDCC 08: Spooks on the Big Screen!

Now here’s something we didn’t expect to happen so soon. Ryan Schifrin’s comic book series Spooks (official forum) is going to be hitting the big screen! Our guys covering the San Diego Comic-Con phoned in with the news. Barry Joesphson (Enchanted) is set to produce, but a director ad cast has yet to be announced.

Devil's Due Gets Spooked From Echoes of the Damned

Spooks publisher Devil's Due sent us a preview of the upcoming comic book from Azreal scribe James Pascoe and Batman: Gotham Knight artist Roger Robinson.

More Abominable 2 Details!

I know you guys have been dying to get more information on Abominable 2, the proposed sequel to Ryan Schifrin’s debut Sasquatch pic, since it was announced a few weeks back. Since I can’t let you suffer the entire holiday weekend begging for info, the official Jeffrey Combs site got some info to ease your mind.

Listen to SPOOKS!

You know, battling the forces of darkness can be rather mundane if you don't have the right tunes pumping in your ears. Trust me, I know. One time Butane and I were in Vatican City when this possessed she-bitch jumped out at us from behind the local Eucharist bakery.

Ryan Schifrin Talks Abominable 2

We need us some more Sasquatch features. Is it me or does cryptozoology not get explored enough these days? Good thing we have people like Ryan Schifrin and Abominable (review) around to bring us what we're looking for, but we want more!

New Spooks Comic Cheap!

For fans of Ryan Schifrin’s Spooks comic who were excited by the recent announcement that G.I. Joe creator Larry Hama would be expanding the comic with Spooks: Omega Team, Devil’s Due just sweetened the pot further by announcing that the #0 issue will only set you back $.99!

Spooks: Omega Team Go!

Ryan Schifrin's comic mini-series Spooks is kicking all kinds of ass right now. If you're worried that the Devil's Due published comic won't live on once the final issue is released, we've got some good news for ya.

Exclusive Preview of Spooks #3!

Ryan (Abominable) Schifrin’s Spooks comic is going strong, and the third issue is on its way to stands this Wednesday, April 9th! Schifrin was cool enough to send over the cover and a stack of preview pages just for you Dread Central-ites, so dig on ‘em below! And don’t forget to talk about the comic in the official Spooks forums, also only on Dread Central!

Spooks Issue 2 On Sale March 12!

Ryan Schifrin's badass comic endeavor Spooks hit the ground running when its debut issue sold out after being on the market less than a week, and now Issue 2 hits stores everywhere March 12! Make sure you're one of the cool kids and get your tail to the store to stake your claim on some illustrated supernatural goodness!

Get Your Spooks and Spirals Signed

By now we're pretty sure you've heard all about Ryan Schifrin's comic book Spooks. If you haven't already, well then this is the best time to find out!

Spooks Site Now Online!

We've been telling you guys about director Ryan Schifrin's comic book mini-series Spooks for a while now (“Dread Central Hosts Spooks Forum!” – January 2008). To help build the hype for the project's launch in February, Spooks just got its official website!