Ryan Murphy

Confirmed: Jessica Lange Will Return in Season Two of American Horror Story

It may just be an "appearance" or it may be an actual recurring role, we can't be sure, but at least word has come from Ryan Murphy himself that yes, Jessica Lange will be returning to "American Horror Story" for Season Two. He also shared a few more details on what to expect next season.

American Horror Story Co-Creator and Apollo 18 Writer Team up for Project

Okay, here's an odd pairing. On one side we have the man who helped make glee clubs once again a part of our pop culture while ushering in the antichrist, and on the other is the dude responsible for penning a flick built entirely around a plot hole.

American Horror Story Season 2 - The Search Begins for the New Cast

In probably one of the most ballsy moves in television history, the "Glee" team of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk killed off almost the entire cast of its "American Horror Story", leaving fans wondering what's on tap for Season 2. Recently during the Television Critics Association event FX president and general manager John Landgraf offered some insight.

Reflect on Season 1 of American Horror Story and Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Afterbirth Finale

Now that a few days have passed since the finale of "American Horror Story" Season 1, FX has released a couple of new videos that look back at the season as a whole and specifically Episode 1.12, the stunning "Afterbirth" that wrapped things up until the show's return next year in an all new location.

Four New Behind-the-Scenes Videos from American Horror Story; A Few Hints Regarding Season Two

We couldn't have been happier with the turn of events in last night's season finale of "American Horror Story" on FX, but instead of rehashing what happened and spoiling it for anyone who may have DVR'd it and hasn't watched yet, we'll just share these four new behind-the-scenes videos provided by the network.

Several Stills from the Season Finale of American Horror Story

We're just a few days away from the season finale of "American Horror Story" on FX, and while we wonder what the heck series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have planned for us, here are a few slightly spoilerish stills from Episode 1.12, "Afterbirth". Is it just us, or has the Rubber Man put on a few pounds?

A Preview of American Horror Story Episode 1.12 - Afterbirth

Well, that was certainly an interesting twist in last night's episode of "American Horror Story", right? Without saying too much in case some of our readers haven't watched "Birth" yet, here's a preview of the season finale, entitled "Afterbirth", which we have to say we are simply chomping at the bit to see. Next Wednesday cannot get here soon enough!

Have a Few Million Lying Around? Then You Can Own the American Horror Story House!

The now famous Los Angeles home seen on FX's haunting hit series "American Horror Story" is up for sale, and if you have a cool $10 million lying around, it could be yours!

A Special Preview Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.11 - Birth

We're inching closer and closer to the season finale of "American Horror Story" on FX, but first there are babies to be birthed! Vivien's due date is here, and we have a clip from the upcoming Episode 1.11, "Birth", which sadly doesn't reveal anything about the twins but instead shows Ben (finally) taking an interest in what Violet has been up to.

More Behind-the-Scenes Videos from American Horror Story

There's a lot to be said for looking back before moving forward, and luckily for fans of "American Horror Story", FX seems to agree with that sentiment because today they've released more behind-the-scenes videos for the series that examine the casting process for the show as well as what went into filming Episodes 1.09, "Spooky Little Girl", and 1.10, "Smoldering Children".

A Preview of American Horror Story Episode 1.11 - Birth

Last night's installment of "American Horror Story" explained quite a few things for the viewers (hopefully we haven't really seen the last of Denis O'Hare), clearing the way for Episode 1.11, "Birth", in which the twins are born already! Check out a preview of it right here.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos of the Birth of the Rubber Man Outfit and More Costumes on American Horror Story

Curious about what went into the creation of the iconic Rubber Man suit on "American Horror Story"? What about the challenges of designing wardrobes that span multiple time periods? The answers to those questions and more can be found in these new behind-the-scenes videos for "American Horror Story".

Ben Battles the Rubber Man in New Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.10 - Smoldering Children

Earlier today we provided you with a clip from this week's episode of "American Horror Story" featuring Constance (Jessica Lange), and now we have another that focuses on Ben (Dylan McDermott) and his battle with the ever-elusive Rubber Man. Check out this special preview from FX of Episode 1.10, "Smoldering Children".

A Constance-Centric Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.10 - Smoldering Children

We've made no bones about the amount of love we have for Jessica Lange's portrayal of Constance on "American Horror Story", and if you share our feelings, you'll be as happy as we were to see this clip from Wednesday night's upcoming episode that features her chatting with some police officers about recent events.

A Preview of American Horror Story Episode 1.10 - Smoldering Children

Last night's episode of "American Horror Story" definitely ranks up among our favorites of the season so far - finally Ben came off as a good guy (or as good as a guy like him can be), and again we say that if Jessica Lange doesn't win an Emmy, there is truly no justice in this world. How about a look at next week's Episode 1.10, "Smoldering Children" directed by Michael Lehmann (Heathers), to see if the goodness continues?