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There's No Way Out of the Latest American Horror Story: Asylum Teaser Video

We have no idea how many more teaser videos FX is going to put out for "American Horror Story: Asylum," but we say keep 'em coming! They've all been super creepy and weird so far; what more could a horror fan want?

Don't Look Down at this Latest Video Promo for American Horror Story: Asylum

The fifth teaser promo for "American Horror Story: Asylum" is here, and it serves as a reminder of both The Exorcist and Exorcist III. Ya see? That's just never a bad thing. Check it out, and count the shivers being sent down your spine.

Stop and Smell the Roses in the Latest American Horror Story: Asylum Teaser

The newest teaser video for "American Horror Story: Asylum" has landed online, and it comes with a poem: "Roses are white, the violence is new, and here is the latest hint for you..."

Take a Dip in the Third American Horror Story: Asylum Promo!

The third in a series of promotional videos for "American Horror Story: Asylum" is here, and it really makes us wanna take a milk bath in a vagina-shaped tub. Why, you ask? Just watch the video in all of its strange glory!

Creepy New American Horror Story: Asylum Teaser Gets Your Ghost

I have three irrational fears: bugs, heights, and nuns. That being said, if a nun boards a plane holding a jar of fire flies and sits next to me, I'm pretty much DOA. Another thing that gives me a really chilly feeling is this latest promo video for "American Horror Story: Asylum."

First Teaser Promo for American Horror Story: Asylum Gets Rid of the Evidence

Finally the first bit of promotional video material has come forth for the highly anticipated "American Horror Story: Asylum," and it leaves us with a lingering question... Just what the hell is this person carrying around in those buckets?

Five Things You Need to Know About American Horror Story: Asylum

If you're not a fan of spoilers, then maybe you don't "need" to know these tidbits about "American Horror Story" Season 2, but the rest of us can't wait to hear what creator Ryan Murphy said recently about who the new "Rubber Man" is, if we'll see another Halloween episode, and lots more.

American Horror Story Chapter 2 Gets a Title

So, now that it's been decided that "American Horror Story" is a mini-series rather than a full-blown series-series, what we have coming up is "Chapter 2" rather than "Season 2"; and creator Ryan Murphy has given it a title.

American Horror Story Season 2 - First Look at Adam Levine on Set!

"American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy has joined Twitter, and with him he brings the very first look at Adam Levine on set with his... his ummm... his co-star, maybe? Read on for the pic and more!

More American Horror Story Season 2 Casting News to Take You into the Weekend

Time to add a little German flavor to the steadily growing cast of "American Horror Story" Season Two. Read on for the skinny on the very next inmate that has been admitted to the television asylum.

Jenna Dewan Checks into American Horror Story Season 2

Most people know Jenna Dewan for the Step Up flicks, but we go with her all the way back to the little horror flick Tamara, where she proved she could get nuts with the best of them. Speaking of nuts...

Clea Duvall Goes Crazy for American Horror Story Season 2

The casting news continues for FX's highly acclaimed and chilling show "American Horror Story." Read on for the latest on who's joined the asylum in the show's second season, as well as whether or not they'll be going bump in the night!

More American Horror Story Casting Comes a Haunting

More casting news has come in for FX's highly acclaimed and chilling show "American Horror Story," and as always we've got the early word on who the next actor checking into the asylum of Season 2 will be. Read on for details.

American Horror Story Season 2 Begins Filming Next Week; New Character Descriptions!

Our bros in blood over at Bloody Disgusting are reporting that shooting of the second season of FX's highly acclaimed and chilling show "American Horror Story" officially commences on July 17th in Los Angeles. Bring on the spooks!

The Secret Circle's Chris Zylka Heading to American Horror Story

It looks like "The Secret Circle" being cancelled is the best thing that could have happened for Chris Zylka as the young star is now checking into the mental institution which is the setting for the upcoming season of "American Horror Story".