Ryan Lightbourn

Wake Up and Watch the Official Trailer for Sleepwalkers

We recently provided the early details and a few stills from director and cinematographer Ryan (Roid Rage) Lightbourn's Sleepwalkers, and now we're back with two new images and the film's official trailer.

Sleepwalkers Set to Unleash Hell

Not to be confused with Stephen King's Sleepwalkers, what we have here is a beast of a different kind. From director Ryan Lightbourn (Roid Rage) comes a new indie tale riddled with the good stuff!

Sammy's Back in Roid Rage: The Christmas Special

Okay, so maybe he missed the actual holidays a bit, but that didn't stop writer/director Ryan Lightbourn from being in the giving spirit. Fans of indie shorts will no doubt remember his previous film, Roid Rage, a movie that can be accurately described as the anal version of Brain Damage. Well, ho, ho, ho…Lightbourn has a belated gift for you…Roid Rage: The Christmas Special.

Asstastic New Roid Rage Trailer

The pain. The itch. The burning. There's no salve or ointment known to man that can quench this poor soul's anal horrors. A new trailer for Roid Rage is here ... and it's exactly what you think it is. You've been warned.

Dog Soldiers: Red Throws Us a Bone

It's hard to believe that we're about a decade removed from the release of the epic Neil Marshall werewolf movie Dog Soldiers, but alas, time flies. With a sequel looming in the distance, Kismet Entertainment has released a trailer for the new web series Dog Soldiers: Legacy, which leads up to the eventual Part 2. Dig it!

Roid Rage (Short, 2011)

Starring Zach Canfield, John Carvalho, Ben Evans Written and Directed by Ryan Lightbourn

Roid Rage Readying to Toss Your Salad

The news concerning upcoming indie film Roid Rage has absolutely nothing to do with steroids. Nor does it have a single thing to do with asteroids. However, it does very much have to do with one unlucky man's ass and the vicious creature that flies out of his anus like the jaws on a xenomorph from Alien. Color me enchanted!