Ryan Kwanten

AFM 2011: Handy New 7500 Concept Art

And just a day after the official casting news came in for the new film from Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge, Marebito) called 7500, we've scored you some neat concept art. Dig it!

Official Casting Confirmation for 7500

Last week we told you about a new film from Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge, Marebito) called 7500 that had some pretty decent names in talks to star. Today confirmation has come. Read on!

Takashi Shimizu, Ryan Kwanten, and Amy Smart Taking a Trip to Terror on 7500

Bottom line? Flying is some scary shit. No matter how many plane rides we take, there's always an uneasy feeling of terror present, beckoning us to cross our fingers and hope for the best. Some flights, however, are just damned from the get-go.

True Blood: Season Five Will Introduce Eric Northman's Vampire Sister and Get Biblical

Interesting news coming in for all you fangbangers out there. Sounds as if they're really looking to keep it in the family next season on "True Blood" as a sibling will be popping up that's guaranteed to stir up all kinds of trouble.

A Look at What's Ahead in Season 5 of True Blood

After last Sunday night's season finale of "True Blood", we thought we'd have to wait a while before hearing about what's in store for fans of the show in Season 5; however, co-executive producer Raelle Tucker had a chat with EW.com and spilled some beans. Read on for the details, but beware of a few spoilers if you're not done with Season 4.

True Blood: A Trio of Preview Clips from Burning Down the House

Just three episodes are left for HBO's "True Blood" to salvage what most of here at Dread Central feel has been a mixed bag of a season at best so here's hoping these three clips from the upcoming Episode 46, "Burning Down the House", show some improvement over what we've seen during the past couple of weeks.

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Let's Get Out of Here"; Preview of "Burning Down the House"

It's another Monday, which of course means it's time to rehash last night's "True Blood" a bit. Personally I thought it was one of the weakest entries of the season, but with just three eps to go, I'm holding out hope things will improve as we approach the finale. Here are a recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Let's Get Out of Here" along with a preview of next week's "Burning Down the House".

Three Preview Clips for True Blood Episode 45 - Let's Get Out of Here

While we wait to see if Eric is going to get his memory back in one of the four remaining "True Blood" episodes airing this season, HBO has provided three sneak peeks at this Sunday's ep, entitled "Let's Get Out of Here", which sadly don't shed much light on that particular question but do offer up a bit of what else we can expect.

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Spellbound"; Preview of "Let's Get Out of Here"

After a few good episodes, "True Blood" hit a bump in the road last night with some really cheesy scenes interspersed with the vamp-witch showdown, but with just 4 more episodes to go this season, we're hanging in there with Alan Ball & Co. to the end. Here are a recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Spellbound" along with a preview of next week's "Let's Get Out of Here".

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: See the Knights of Badassdom Panel in its Entirety

Couldn't make it to Comic-Con because real life kept you away from adorning spandex and prancing about like a ten-year-old? Upset about missing the panel for Joe Lynch's incredible looking Knights of Badassdom? Well, you can dig on the whole thing right here ... right now!

True Blood: Confirmation of HBO's Renewal and Three Clips from Episode 44 Spellbound

We already knew it was a foregone conclusion that HBO would be renewing "True Blood" for a fifth season after Alan Ball revealed that he'd closed his deal with the network, but official confirmation is always good. To celebrate more fangbanging in the months to come, how about a trio of clips from the upcoming Episode 44, entitled "Spellbound"?

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Cold Grey Light of Dawn"; Preview of "Spellbound"

Finally things are heating up between the witches and the vamps of "True Blood", and if you just can't get enough of their feud, we have a recap of last night's episode, "Cold Grey Light of Dawn", along with an "Inside the Episode" video. And to get you ready for next week, we also have a preview of Episode 44, "Spellbound".

Preview Clips for True Blood Episode 42, I Wish I Was the Moon

We're already coming up on the halfway point for Season 4 of "True Blood" this week with Episode 42, "I Wish I Was the Moon", and we have a trio of clips from the ep to help raise your anticipation for it. Episode #42 (S4, Ep. 6):

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Me and the Devil"; Preview of "I Wish I Was the Moon"

Finally this week we got an episode of "True Blood" that felt a bit more like the show of old. Sure, there are still too many characters to keep track of, but the pacing was brisk and the storylines were interesting. How about a quick recap and a look "Inside the Episode" for "Me and the Devil" along with a preview of next week's ep "I Wish I Was the Moon"?

Dig The Knights of Badassdom Trailer Now!

Finally! We, like millions of other horror fans out there, are dying to sink our claws into the guaranteed lunacy of Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom. Today we're one step closer as you can finally enjoy the trailer that debuted at Comic-Con. Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage and Danny Pudi star. Okay, enough talk! On to the eye candy!