Ryan Acheson

Chalk (Book)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Written by Ryan Acheson Published by Lulu.com

Some Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Horrifying Holiday

I know our favorite holiday has passed, and now it's all commercialism and Christmas carols unless you want to pull a Tobe Hooper at Sears, but there are a few gift ideas that might be really appreciated if found in those black stockings hanging by the fireplace Christmas morning.

Ryan Acheson's Chalk Now Available as eBook or Paperback

One thing you can count on here at Dread Central is our never ending quest to uncover the best horror fiction out there and share it with our readers. Today we got word of a new serial killer saga called Chalk from DC alumnus Ryan Acheson. Just don't expect your father's serial killer ... in Chalk he's a blatant racist!

Enter the Twisted World of Tropes

Those of you who have been reading Dread Central for a while may recall seeing the byline Ryan "Plagiarize" Acheson, mostly on video game reviews. Well, Ryan left us some time ago to pursue other ventures, including following his dream of writing fiction, and as of today that dream has come to fruition. Prepare to enter the twisted world of Tropes.