Rutger Hauer

Sundance 2011: Badass New Hobo With a Shotgun One-Sheet

Hobo with a Shotgun will be making its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival as part of the Park City at Midnight section, and to celebrate the flick's arrival, we have a brand new bit of artwork for you guys to leave a coin in our styrofoam cup for.

The Devil Hits The Rite Targets in Six New Clips

And what better way is there to wind down the news week than with a little Friday action with Old Red? Grab those Eucharist crackers and pour yourself a glass of wine as it's time for six clips from The Rite.

You Have The Rite to Get Rated

The official MPAA rating for the devilish new flick The Rite, which opens in just two weeks, is finally here, and we've got the skinny on what it is and why it got it!

Four Devilish New Images from The Rite

Ah, yes. We're getting closer and closer to the release of Warner's new possession spooker The Rite, and you know what that means, right? Promo goodies, baby! Constantly flowing in! Next up - four new stills from the flick! Dig it!

UPDATED: New Artwork and TV Spots: The Rite

A new unholier than thou one-sheet and three television spots for Mikael Hafstrom's The Rite have come our way, and we're happy to serve them up to you with a splash of holy water and a stack of Eucharist crackers.

You Now Have The Rite to See a Massive Image Gallery

Will the devil continue his winning box office ways in 2011? We'll find out when Mikael Hafstrom (1408) dishes out his demons with the Anthony Hopkins starrer, The Rite. In the interim we've got dozens of pics for ya! Click on the image below for the entire gallery! Look for The Rite arriving in theaters courtesy of Warner Bros. on January 28th, 2011.

UK Trailer Debut - Anthony Hopkins vs. Demons in The Rite

The devil has never been hotter at the box office! Take THAT, God! Where is your big moviegoing bankroll, huh? Too busy having wars waged in your name to focus on a little entertainment? George Burns is spinning in his grave as we speak!

Sundance 2011: Magnet Attracts a Hobo with a Shotgun

Oh, Magnet Releasing. How we love thee! With its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next month as part of the Park City at Midnight section right around the corner, Hobo with a Shotgun has secured itself some distro!

Sundance 2011: Stinky New Stills - Hobo With a Shotgun

If only for the title, Hobo with a Shotgun cannot get here soon enough. I mean, come on! Rutger Hauer as a derelict on a killing spree? How could you not be excited? We're sure that when the flick debut's at this year's Sundance, people are just gonna eat it up so to whet your appetites ... new stills!

Anthony Hopkins Looking Ominous in New Image from The Rite

Sir Anthony Hopkins has one of the most sinister and recognizable faces our industry has ever known. And now? Now you get to look at his mug in glorious hi-res in this new still from The Rite! Synopsis:

Badass One-Sheet and Lobby Cards - Hobo with a Shotgun

Cool one-sheets and lobby cards, sadly, have become a bit of a lost art form. Thankfully there are some individuals out there who remember there's a lot more to advertising than just floating heads. Enter these new goodies for Hobo with a Shotgun!

Anthony Hopkins Has The Rite Stuff for New One-Sheet

The power of Christ has compelled Warner Brothers to release the official one-sheet for their latest demonic flick, The Rite, and this face will scare the devil straight out of you! Synopsis:

Anthony Hopkins Does God's Work in Latest Still from The Rite

Films about exorcists and exorcisms are pretty tricky to pull off. Sure, it's easy to go the head-spinning and pea-soup-spitting way, but lately filmmakers have been relying more on subtlety when it comes to doing battle with the dark one and his minions. So how will The Rite handle the subject matter? Hopefully with a bit of both.

Trailer Debut and Expanded Synopsis - More Exorcisms Run Amok in The Rite

The power of Christ must have compelled Warner Brothers to finally get the trailer for their latest demonic flick, The Rite, online; and we have every preachy second of it for you right here along with the official synopsis! Synopsis:

Explosive and Gory Trailer Debut - Hobo With a Shotgun

Finally the moment has come! The trailer debut for Jason Eisener's batshit insane new film Hobo with a Shotgun is finally here and it's every single twisted thing we could have hoped for! Dig it! Not sure what in the world this flick is? Way back in 2007 Jason Eisner created a faux trailer called Hobo With a Shotgun for the Grindhouse trailer competition. It went over big (and how could it not with a title like that?), and as a result a feature is on the way with none other than Rutger Hauer as the gun-toting street urchin.