Rutger Hauer

An All-Star Cast Sees Signs of Death

Not sure how Dread worthy this one is gonna end up, but given the cast and its premise, we just cannot resist. Read on for the first details on the new post-apocalyptic flick Signs of Death. Hurry, before you croak!

Dario Argento's Dracula Sucks Its Way Onto Home Video

Though the majority of Dario Argento's earlier films are more or less universally loved by horror fans, not even the biggest supporter of his work can deny that the Italian maestro has lost something along the way.

The Reverend Gets a Release Date

The last time we mentioned The Reverend was around this exact time last year. Might this have something to do with the approach of Christmas? Of course not, but we're in the spirit and see good cheer everywhere! So, wait.... back to the movie...

Amer Filmmakers Honor Dario Argento with Excellent Tribute Video

As we collectively await the release of Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's (Amer) latest Giallo-inspired throwback, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears (review), the Argento-loving pair are celebrating this weekend's overseas release of Dracula 3D in style...

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Chance to See Argento's Dracula and More!

Morbidly curious about checking out a screening of IFC's release of Argento's Dracula (review)? Very much still on the fence? Well, we have a shot at scoring a screening on us and more!

Take a Bite Out of the Red Band Trailer for Argento's Dracula

The first red band trailer has finally arrived for IFC's release of Argento's Dracula (review), and... well.... it doesn't help matters much, does it? Oh, Dario! How we all long for the you of days gone by. Check it out. Then pop some aspirin.

An Official Trailer Arrives for Argento's Dracula

An official trailer has finally arrived for IFC's release of Argento's Dracula (review), and... well... yeah. It kind of speaks for itself. Check it out, lay your head in your hands, and just wonder where it all went wrong.

Sink Your Teeth Into Some New Stills for Argento's Dracula

Several new stills have checked-in for IFC's release of Argento's Dracula (review), and they're here if you wanna see them. From what we here looking at images from the flick is a lot less painful than watching the movie itself.

Awesome New One-Sheet for Argento's Dracula

That's right, kids! A pretty friggin' awesome one-sheet has arrived for IFC's release of Argento's Dracula (review), and it makes us wish that the movie was as good as the artwork itself. Check it out.

Victor Webster Returns in The Scorpion King 4; Filming Now Wrapped

A legendary warrior leads a brutal campaign against a duplicitous former ally in The Scorpion King 4, the latest action-packed DVD Original® from Universal 1440 Entertainment. This new chapter of The Mummy franchise wrapped principal photography in Romania on August 26.

Two More Clips from True Blood Episode 6.02 - The Sun

Getting ready for this Sunday's episode of "True Blood," entitled "The Sun"? Then you'll want to check out these two new clips that HBO has provided, which offer a few more peeks at what's coming.

A Sneak Peek of True Blood Episode 6.02 - The Sun; Hear from the Stars Live from the Set

An official preview and clip have arrived for "True Blood" Episode 6.02, "The Sun," and we have them both for you here along with the live on-set cast member chat that aired before the Season 6 premiere.

A Look at the Weeks Ahead in True Blood Season 6

"True Blood" Season 6 kicked off with a bang tonight, providing us with one of the best episodes the show has had in years. And this preview trailer of the weeks ahead looks every bit as good. Check it out, and keep your fingers crossed it's a new trend!

First True Blood Season 6 Teaser Hints at the Beginning of the End

Just a day after announcing that "True Blood" will be kicking off its shortened ten-episode sixth season on June 16th, HBO has released the first teaser video for its return. Check it out right here, and look for more soon.

First Look at Rutger Hauer in True Blood

The first paparazzi images of Rutger Hauer as the character of "Macklyn" on the set of HBO's now filming sixth season of the vampire-driven hit "True Blood" have arrived! Check 'em out and be envious of his hair. Phil Spector wept.