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NBC to Air Remaining Do No Harm Episodes on Saturday Nights Beginning in Late June

Were you among the tiny group who checked out "Do No Harm" before NBC yanked it after just two episodes due to its abysmal ratings? Or maybe you're curious as to exactly how bad it was. Well, you'll all have a chance to watch the remaining eps beginning June 29th.

Do No Harm Does No Good; NBC Cancels Series after Two Episodes

Well, we can't say we didn't see this coming, although we do feel bad for series star Steven Pasquale: After posting the lowest-rated scripted premiere in the history of the Big Four networks, "Do No Harm" has been taken off NBC's schedule after just two episodes.

NBC's Do No Harm Scores Lowest Rated In-Season Premiere Ever

We can't say we're completely surprised by this news, but after flying high for the past few months, it's gotta hurt the powers-that-be at NBC that last night's premiere of "Do No Harm" was the lowest rated in-season debut ever of any scripted show on any of the Big Four networks.

Image Gallery and Preview of Do No Harm Episode 1.02 - Don't Answer the Phone

With just one episode down, the jury's still out on NBC's "Do No Harm," but if you're leaning toward the positive side of the fence, we have a look at next week's Episode 1.02, "Don't Answer the Phone," by means of an overflowing image gallery and a preview of the ep.

Official Synopsis for Do No Harm Episode 1.03 - Me Likey

We're just a few days from the premiere of "Do No Harm" on NBC, but maybe you've already watched the pilot (see it here if not) and are already looking ahead to future installments. Here's what's coming in Episode 1.03, "Me Likey."

Image Gallery for Do No Harm Episode 1.01 - Pilot; Synopsis for Episode 1.02 - Don't Answer the Phone

With its January 31st premiere looming, NBC has released a big batch of stills for the "Pilot" episode of "Do No Harm" along with official synopses for both that ep and #1.02, "Don't Answer the Phone."

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