Phobos Gets a New Name and Two New Posters

The Russian film Phobos is one we've had our eyes on for a while now, and finally some updates are coming out about it. First off is a slight name change to Phobos: Club of Fear because, as we all know, every flick needs a secondary title nowadways.

From Russia With Rollerblades and Chainsaws

Rollerblading. Chainsaws. Video game monsters in the real world. Pick axes to the chest. Short skirts. Action. Sci-Fi. Horror. Slapstick. Welcome to the world of Night Fighter, a new genre mishmash from the former Soviet Union set to open in Russia sometime next month.

Poster and a Photo from Phobos

Here at Dread Central we're always on a lookout for something new and different to expose our readers to so when we heard about an upcoming Russian horror film called Phobos, of course we had to share the intel.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Cargo 200

I admit that when Trembles' latest arrived in my mailbox, I had no idea what Cargo 200 was all about. But a quick online search revealed that it's a controversial "dramatic thriller and a supposed conspiratorial depiction of the atmospheric tensions within the Soviet Union ... during the dissolution of the Communist Government."

IFC Acquires U.S. Rights for Sauna

Though it’s one of those films that sounds exceedingly difficult to describe without having seen it, which I have not, that still hasn’t stopped AJ Annila’s Sauna from getting buzz all over the festival world. Today that buzz has culminated in the Variety announcement that IFC Entertainment has acquired the rights to Sauna for the U.S.

It's Offical: The Asylum is Evil

Yes, Evil is a new movie from The Asylum. Please don't click away just yet. Hear me out for a second. This one is actually worth your time to take a look at. In a good way, I mean. Seriously, the trailer is actually worth watching.