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Another Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 1.16 - The Thing with Feathers

Tonight's episode of "Grimm", titled "The Thing with Feathers", is just a few hours away, and we have another clip to share thanks to the powers-that-be at NBC. In it a frightened woman tries to escape her violent boyfriend; no doubt Nick will lend a helping hand.

A Clip from Grimm Episode 1.16 - The Thing with Feathers

Following up on the preview we posted a few days ago, a clip from this week's episode of "Grimm" on NBC, entitled "The Thing with Feathers", has landed online, and of course we have it for you right here! Watch as unruly neighbors put a damper on Nick and Juliette's romantic weekend.

A Preview of Grimm Episode 1.16 - The Thing with Feathers

Love is in the air on this week's upcoming episode of "Grimm" on NBC as Nick and Juliette head off on a romantic getaway and both Hank and Monroe embark upon new romances. We have a preview of the ep, entitled "The Thing with Features", right here!

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 1.15 - Island of Dreams; Another Guest Star on the Way

"Grimm" returns to NBC this Friday, March 30th, and we've got a sneak peek of the upcoming Episode 1.15, "Island of Dreams", along with news of a new guest star we'll be seeing during the May sweeps.

A Preview of Grimm Episode 1.15 - Island of Dreams

NBC's "Grimm" returns this coming Friday, March 30th, with a new episode, and it looks like finally the pieces are going to start coming together with regard to what Captain Renard is up to.

NBC Renews Grimm for Another Season

There's some good news coming in today regarding NBC's little show that could, "Grimm". The network, which is in the process of announcing several pickups of existing series, has renewed it for another season.

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 1.14 - Plumed Serpent

NBC has provided us with a couple of sneak peeks of tonight's Episode 1.14 of "Grimm", entitled "Plumed Serpent", along with a look at Nick’s newest nemesis, Ariel Eberhart (played by guest star Danielle Panabaker), promising the ep will be "smoking hot"! Check it out and see if you agree.

A Preview of Grimm Episode 1.14 - Plumed Serpent

NBC's "Grimm" continues to bring in decent ratings for the network so it's looking like the show will probably be renewed, but of course nothing is certain until the fat Blutbad sings so here's a preview of Episode 1.14, "Plumed Serpent", to hopefully entice you to tune in.

More Sneak Peeks of Grimm Episode 1.13 - Three Coins in a Fuchsbau; Two More Guest Stars on the Way

Earlier this week we showed you a preview of "Grimm" Episode 1.13, "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau", and now NBC has sent over a few sneak peeks of the ep in which Nick’s hunt for a murderer uncovers a shocking mystery about his ancestors.

A Preview of Grimm Episode 1.13 - Three Coins in a Fuchsbau

The last few episodes of "Grimm" have shown a lot of improvement over a couple of previous eps that were a bit lackluster, but Nick really needs to tell Juliette what's going on! Maybe this week? In any event, here's a preview of the upcoming Episode 1.13, "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau".

A Trio of Clips from Grimm Episode 1.12 - Last Grimm Standing

It's hard to believe NBC's "Grimm" is up to its 12th episode, but that's what we get this week with "Last Grimm Standing", in which a murder leads Nick and Hank to an underground fight club. Check out these clips from the ep along with some cool artwork for the "Lowen Games" themselves.

Former True Blood Vamp Heading to NBC's Grimm

Her "True Blood" stint may have come to an untimely end, but that's not stopping Jessica Tuck from staying within the supernatural genre as she's signed on for a guest starring role in NBC's "Grimm" as a Hexenbiest.

Three Clips from This Week's Grimm Episode 1.11 - Tarantella

This week sees Amy Acker heading to NBC's "Grimm" for her highly anticipated guest starring role in Episode 1.11, "Tarantella", and the network has sent us three new clips accompanied by the ep's promo. Watch things get cryptic when a body leads Nick to a new creature.

A Preview and Full Synopsis of Grimm Episode 1.11 - Tarantella

We've been looking forward to seeing Amy Acker on NBC's "Grimm" since we first heard about her being tapped for a guest starring role, and our patience will be rewarded this Friday, February 10th, in an episode entitled "Tarantella". Read on for the full synopsis and to see a preview.

A Preview of Grimm Episode 1.10 - Organ Grinder

"Grimm" returns to NBC tomorrow night with Episode 1.10, "Organ Grinder", as Nick discovers the creature world has an unusual use for human organs. Check out our preview of the ep and see if you can guess which classic tale the writers are adding their patented "Grimm" twist to!