Rumer Willis

The Ganzfeld Experiment Becomes The Ganzfeld Haunting and Heads to LA

When we last heard about The Ganzfeld Haunting, it was April of last year, and it was still called The Ganzfeld Experiment. But with the new year has come a new title and some early screening news. If you're in or around LA, you have a chance to see it soon.

The Ganzfeld Experiment Home to Drug Use and Chills

Doing blow can lead to a lot of bad stuff. Racing heartbeats, improbable strength, bad decisions, and extrasensory perception gone horribly awry. That's just what happens in The Ganzfeld Experiement, and we've got your first look!

See the Opening Scene from Sorority Row

Sorority Row is shaping up nicely. From its attractive cast to its hard R rating, the slasher fanatic in me is grinning from ear to ear. I'm really pulling for this remake to get everything right since the original film, while very enjoyable, could be improved upon. Today we've got a groovy (and truncated) clip to help whet your appetite.