Lose Your Tongue Over New Speak No Evil Art and Trailer

Horror icon Dee Wallace's daughter, Gabrielle Stone, breaks out on her own in the upcoming flick Speak No Evil, which has just spawned some pretty badass new sales art.

Second Generation Scream Queen Gabrielle Stone Talks Speak No Evil; Poster Premiere

Gabrielle Stone, daughter of the legendary actress and scream queen Dee Wallace, is busting out on her own in a new film entitled Speak No Evil. The beautiful young rising star took some time to talk with Dread Central about the role and her future endeavors.

New Trailer and Artwork Speak No Evil

Kids. They don't shut up, end up breaking all your stuff, and will most likely cost you an arm and a leg for whatever remains of your life. If that's not enough, some of them have to go and get possessed by demons. Being a parent sucks.

Take a Bloody Trip Down Deadfall Trail

You know what, man? We're just gonna say it - Screw going into the woods! Too much bad shit happens there. At least cities (while still populated with their own fair share of loonies) have buildings you can duck into and people you could alert to your dangerous plight!