Ronnie Yu

Fear Itself Episode Order & Site Launch!

NBC has finally opened an official site for Fear Itself, the upcoming anthology series that debuts on June 5th. And I have to say it’s about damn time! In addition, they’ve also announced the order in which the first few episodes will air, and sadly it won’t be starting off with Stuart Gordon’s “Eater” as we had been told before. Here’s what to look forward to;

Blood Promo Still

The folks over at 24 Frames Per Second managed to get their hands on the first official promo shot for Blood: The Last Vampire, the anime adaptation that was helmed by Chris Nahon.

Blood Rolls

The official site for the Korean Film Council is reporting that filming on Blood: The Last Vampire started back on March 15th with Ronnie (Freddy Vs. Jason) Yu still at the helm.

My Sassy Vampire Killer

I know it’s probably not very hardcore, blood-n-guts horror fan purebred of me to admit to liking romantic comedy, but I hope you guys will see past that and still take me seriously. And I hope you ladies think my sensitivity is sexy as hell.

Ronnie Talks Blood

Ronnie Yu recently chatted it up with the folks over at Ain’t It Cool about his latest martial arts flick, Fearless, and during the course of the conversation the subject of Blood: The Last Vampire was brought up. Yu will be making the wildly popular anime into a live action feature film with shooting to take place in Melbourne, Australia as well as Tokyo.