Ron Perlman

Outlander One Sheet Now Online

Vikings and creatures in space. Has a finer idea surfaced this 0ear? The Weinsteins' Third Rail Releasing has released the official one sheet for Outlander as well as the official synopsis. Dig!

Limited Theatrical Run & VOD for Mutant Chronicles

Hungry for some mutant killing action? Honestly, who isn't? Why back in my day any critter with more than two eyes would find themselves on the business end of a shotgun. Things just haven't been the same since the bomb dropped ... what? Oh yeah, sorry.

Mutant Chronicles, 100 Feet to Sci Fi

With the minor exception of Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers, a film making its premiere on the Sci Fi Channel is never a good sign. So I have to say I’m concerned that Eric Red’s return to horror, 100 Feet, has been resigned to that fate.

Outlander Goes Theatrical

Good news for those of you who’ve been itching to see Jesus fight a monster from outer space. A reader named “Avery” just tipped us off that Box Office Mojo now has a theatrical release date for Howard McCain’s Outlander: January 23rd, 2009!

First Look at Cage & Perlman in Season of the Witch

The first pics of Nic Cage and Ron Perlman in Season of the Witch showed up on Moziplussz recently, neither of which reveal much other than the fact that they’re both wearing a shitload of armor. Looks very warm.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Luke Goss Directed by Guillermo del Toro Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Untitled Gehenna Project Renamed Devil's Tomb

Looks like the film that’s always been referred to as The Untitled Gehenna Project, literally from the day it was announced, may have finally settled on a title. Variety reports this morning that the film is being called The Devil’s Tomb and that Voltage Pictures has just picked up the foreign sales rights for it.

Exclusive: Screenwriter Talks Bubba Nosferatu Casting!

This morning the guys at AICN had an interview with Paul Giamatti up in which he announced that Ron Perlman was looking to fill the blue suede shoes of Elvis Presley in Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Nosferatu. We told you about it cause we love you, and now we have official word from Bubba Nosferatu writer Stephen Romano on the casting!

Perlman as Elvis for Bubba Nosferatu?

I just don’t know how I feel about Ron Perlman in the shoes of The King, or the shoes of Bruce Campbell for that matter, but according to a recent interview with Paul Giamatti over on AICN, that’s who’s interested in filling out the jumpsuit for Bubba Nosferatu.

Exclusive: New I Sell the Dead Poster!

Dig it! Glass Eye Pix artist-in-residence Brahm Revel is the man responsible for this badass poster for the upcoming period zombie film I Sell the Dead, and you’re only going to see it on Dread Central!

Perlman on Season of the Witch

At the recent Scream Awards, which went down last night in Hollywood, word came down to STYD that Ron Perlman is jumping on board Season of the Witch, the period horror piece from Gone in 60 Seconds helmer Dominic Sena.

Massive Amount of Features on Hellboy 2 DVDs!

Today IGN got the lowdown on what we can expect from the three different version of Hellboy II: The Golden Army on home video we told you about earlier this month, but we had no idea just how long the list of supplements would be for those willing to fork out a few extra bucks on November 11th.

I Sell the Dead Full Trailer Online!

The freaks over at Fangoria managed to get the first look at the full trailer for Glenn McQuaid’s I Sell the Dead, the upcoming period graverobbing/zombie film coming our way from Glass Eye Pix. Ron Perlman, Dominic Monaghan, Angus Scrimm and Larrry Fessenden all star in it, and man does it ever look cool; dig it right here!

Hellboy II DVD Details!

Finally, news on the Hellboy II: The Golden Army DVD has come out, though it seems like it was just the other day we were raving about our first time seeing it.

Perlman on Hellboy III

Though nothing’s been put to paper yet, speculation about Hellboy III is already starting to stir among the cast of second film, specifically Big Red himself, Ron Perlman.