Ron Howard

Javier Bardem Looking to Climb Stephen King's Dark Tower

It's great to see a Stephen King property getting so much attention in tinsel town! There's no doubt Ron Howard's adaptation of King's epic horror/fantasy/western series Dark Tower is on everyone's lips, and the list of potential stars is growing faster than anyone could have expected!

Ron Howard Sheds More Light on The Dark Tower

You know what a good feeling is? It's getting to do news stories about an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series and have it not be a bunch of bullshit or hyperbole.

Ron Howard Talks About His Journey to the Dark Tower

For some reason I can't bring myself to finish the last three books in Stephen King's Dark Tower saga. It's not that I don't want to know how things work out for old Roland of Gilead, I just can't seem to muster the enthusiasm to continue on the journey. Perhaps now that things are steadily moving forward on the Dark Tower adaptation, I'll pick up the pace and finish the books.

Stephen King's Dark Tower Adaptations FINALLY Becoming a Reality!

We've been talking about a possible adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower saga for what seems like forever now, but, it looks as if we're finally gonna get it. In spades even! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Ron Howard Sets Sights on Stephen King's The Dark Tower?

When last we spoke about an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, JJ Abrams and company had bailed on the on-again/off-again project. Now, however, some really interesting news has broken. Apparently Stephen King, Imagine Entertainment, and Weed Road are deep in discussions to get the ball rolling on a big-screen trilogy and TV series out of King's beloved series!

See Roger Corman Receive His Honorary Oscar

As Foy reported back in September, Roger Corman was selected to receive an Honorary Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sadly, he won't be a big part of the Oscar telecast in March of 2010; instead, the awards ceremony was held this past Saturday at the Governor's Ball.

Ron Howard to Tackle Lovecraft?

We haven't heard anything about The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft since February, but man, is there something to talk about now! It looks as if director Ron Howard is done cracking codes and chasing demons. At least for now. Instead he's turning his eyes to tentacles and things in the walls.

Ron Howard Behind Latest Lovecraft Adaptation?

Hell, if you would have told me 30 years ago that the kid who played Richie Cunningham on "Happy Days" would grow up to be one of the most influential and important directors of our time, I'd have called you crazy. Yet, that's exactly what happened with Ron Howard, and now lucky for us horror geeks he could be ready to tackle some tentacle-laden goodness!