Roger Conners

New Still and Clip Online for Indie Feature Film Chill

Those eagerly anticipating the upcoming indie feature Chill from Mouse Nest Productions know that Dread Central is the place to go for the latest information. Today we've got not only a new still from the film but also a second clip to share with you. Dig in!

Mouse Nest Productions Has Chill Iced and Ready to Serve

Being in upstate New York and having watched the snow pile up when I should have been out shaking my moneymaker at the Saturday night Halloween parties, "Chill" is the last word I want to hear. But after checking out a clip from the film carrying that title, which makes its premiere on December 1st in Akron, Ohio, I found myself thawing on the whole thing... and we've got that very clip for you right here!

New Teaser Images Help You Experience the Chill

The good folks over at Mouse Nest Productions dropped us a line to let us know that principal photography has officially wrapped on their feature length horror film Chill! Even cooler? The flick's Facebook page has been updated with lots of new images!

A New Trailer to Chill Out To

A new trailer has arrived for Meredith Holland's new indie horror flick Chill, and as always we have it for you right here. Ready to play some deadly games? We thought you would be!

Indie Terror Freezes You to the Core in Exclusive Chill Imagery

Here at Dread Central we strive to bring you all the coolest indie features we come across as a means to make sure you all don't miss a single terror-based trick! Such is the case with Meredith Holland's new horror flick Chill, from which we just nailed you some never-before-seen stills!

First Look Footage - Indie Terror Flick Chill

It's been a few weeks since last we talked about Meredith Holland's new horror flick Chill, but a five-minute long featurette just leaked online that's home to tons of never-seen-before footage! Dig it!

Release Update and Trailer for Eddie Lengyel's Voodoo Rising

Writer/director Eddie Lengyel dropped us a line with an update on Voodoo Rising featuring Brenna Lee Roth and Mark Cray along with Roger Conners. We've got a few stills and a trailer to share for the film, which Lengyel co-wrote with Kris Smith.

Deadly Games Send a Chill Down Your Spine

And our month-long indie film feature keeps chugging along with the first word about yet another new terror tale that's looking to Chill your bones before shattering them into itty-bitty pieces.