Roger Christian

Stranded (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Christian Slater, Brendan Fehr, Amy Matysio, Michael Therriault Directed by Roger Christian

Prepare to Get Stranded at Home with Christian Slater

No stranger to finding himself alone in the dark, Christian Slater is gearing up to head out into space in Stranded, a new sci-fi/horror film from the director of Battlefield Earth that pits the aging heartthrob in a battle for survival with perhaps the most daunting opponent he's faced to date: vicious alien creatures!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Exclusive Stranded Making-Of Clip

Playing as part of the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 18th, at 7:00 pm is the sci-fi horror thriller Stranded and on tap right now is an exclusive look at the film's many effects. Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Win Passes to Get Stranded at Comic-Con

Attending the San Diego Comic-Con this year and looking for a chance to get away from the crowds of people breathing through their mouths and committing random acts of spandex misuse? Then we've got your hot ticket to do something cool. In fact we have 50 of them!

More Images Stranded Online

Image Entertainment has set a July 26 theatrical release date for Stranded, the new film from Roger Christian, which stars Christian Slater and his miraculously returning hairline; and we have a set of new stills to dig on!

Stranded Gets a Release Date, New Artwork, and a Trailer

Image Entertainment has set a July 26 theatrical release date for Stranded, the new film from Roger Christian, which stars Christian Slater and his miraculously returning hairline; and we have a new one-sheet and trailer to go along with it!

Get Stranded with Christian Slater and this Monsterrific First Image Gallery and Trailer

It's pretty busy for a Sunday, no? Toy Fair, EFM, "The Walking Dead" returning... Good thing the weather sucks and we have hot chocolate and cookies. Next on tap for you cats are an image gallery and sales trailer for the new horror/sci-fi hybrid Stranded. Check it out!

Filming Begins on Stranded

Word has come that the spaced out terror tale Stranded, starring Christian Slater and his hair plugs, has begun filming in the Canada Saskatchewan Production Studio in Regina, SK. There. Now you're all updated.

New Stranded Teaser Art Sends Christian Slater to Space

Yesterday the news broke that Christian Slater had signed on to the spaced out terror tale Stranded, and today, not even twenty-four hours later, we have new teaser art with his face plastered all over it. Man, these cats work quick!

Christian Slater Left Stranded

Battlefield: Earth director Roger Christian has hit Cannes with his sci-fi thriller Stranded, starring the just announced Christian Slater. Principal photography is set to start on July 3, 2012, at the Canada/Saskatchewan sound stage located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Something Sinister Stranded in Space

It's been a long, long time since last we heard anything from Battlefield: Earth director Roger Christian (who's now in post on 13 Eerie), but he's back with a new project in orbit. Read on!

AFM 2011: Another Look at 13 Eerie!

A few days ago we brought you the very first bit of artwork for the upcoming horror flick 13 Eerie, which features one hell of a snarling creature staring at you. Today we have another look at the beast!

AFM 2011: Stare Down the First 13 Eerie Art!

The latest bit of artwork for 13 Eerie has made it to our inbox just in time for Halloween and AFM, and it's ready to engage you in a staring contest for the ages! Bet you blink first!

More 13 Eerie News Shambles In

We told you about the latest zombie flick to hit our radar, 13 Eerie, a day or so ago, and now we've sniffed out some fresh dirt for you guys. On a related note, yes, the whole Vicks VapoRub dab under the nose trick totally helps out while sifting through the stench of the dead for details.

13 Eerie Taps Shark Night Star?

Having made it through Shark Night, star Dustin Mulligan just may have another menace heading his way. One that also features cold dead eyes. And cold dead hands. And cold dead teeth. And cold dead ... oh, you get it, right?