Rockne O'Bannon

The CW Pulls Cult from its Friday Night Schedule

While we haven't received official confirmation that The CW is outright cancelling "Cult," the network has removed the series from its upcoming Friday night schedule for the next three weeks so you do the math.

A Producer's Preview of Cult Episode 1.03 - Being Billy

It'll be interesting to see how The CW's "Cult" fares on Friday nights, and in advance of the show's first airing on its new day, we have a "Producer's Preview" of Episode 1.03, "Being Billy," in which creator Rockne S. O'Bannon talks about the latest deadly craze to hit college campuses.

Cult Is on the Move to Friday Nights on The CW

We're not sure if this is a good thing or a sign that the show's in trouble, but The CW just announced that they are moving "Cult" immediately from Tuesday to Friday night. Read on for the details.

Producer's Preview of Tonight's Cult Episode 1.02 - In the Blood

Ready to dive back into the mystery that is The CW's "Cult" tonight? Be sure to check out this preview of the ep with creator Rockne S. O'Bannon discussing the show's complexities first!

Get Indoctrinated with New Promo Photos and Videos for The CW's Cult

Ready to spend some time hanging out with The CW's "Cult"? Good thing because the network has sent over a batch of new promo photos and videos for the show. Check it all out right here!

A Sneak Peek of Cult Episode 1.02 - In the Blood

Things are moving along in next week's episode of "Cult" on The CW, entitled "In the Blood," and we have a clip from the ep to share along with a preview. Have you decided to join this "Cult" yet?

Watch the Cult Series Premiere Online or via The CW's Mobile App NOW!

Yes, we know we just put up another story on The CW's "Cult" a few minutes ago, but we figured this bit of news was big enough to stand on its own: Viewers can catch The CW's "Cult" premiere RIGHT NOW online or via The CW's mobile app.

Creator/Cast Interviews and More Previews/Promos for The CW's Cult

Finally next week everyone will have a chance to check out "Cult" on The CW. We dug the pilot a lot and think you will, too. Here to whet your appetites a bit more are interviews with the cast and creator Rockne S. O’Bannon along with a few more previews and promos.

Pay the Piper for Another New Promo Video for Cult

The CW has unleashed another new promo video for its upcoming series "Cult," and this one includes scenes from both the show and the show-within-the-show with the words to the Robert Browning poem "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" serving as its soundtrack.

How Far Would You Go for Another Preview of Cult?

Hopefully you've had a chance to check out our recent interviews with the cast and creator of "Cult" (click here if not) and are ready for the show's February 19th premiere. To pique your curiosity even more, here's a new preview of the first episode.

Cult Roundtable Interviews: Jessica Lucas, Robert Knepper, and Alona Tal on the Show's Edginess, Playing Dual Roles, Obsession, and More

We're back with Part Two of our roundtable interviews for The CW's new series "Cult," which premieres February 19th. Today we have on tap co-stars Jessica Lucas, Robert Knepper, and Alona Tal.

Cult Roundtable Interviews: Rockne O'Bannon and Matt Davis Talk the Show's Uniqueness, Scare Factor, End Game, and More

On February 19th The CW is moving outside its comfort zone with a chilling new series entitled "Cult," which promises to push the limits of what you've seen on the network before.

All Hands on Deck for the New Promo Poster for Cult

Some more creepy artwork has come in to promote the February 19th premiere of "Cult" on The CW. Check it out here, and look for some interviews with the show's creator and primary cast members in the coming week!

Get a Look at the Opening Sequence of The CW's Cult

We're not sure how Matt Davis' fans from "The Vampire Diaries" are going to react to "Cult" when it premieres in a few weeks, but hopefully they'll like it as much as we do! Check out the show's opening sequence courtesy of The CW.

Another Preview of and New Artwork for The CW's Cult

In just a few weeks "Cult" premieres on The CW, and we have another preview along with some new artwork for you right here. There nothing quite like lunch with charismatic cult leader Billy!