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Sera Gamble Discusses the Secret Dean Is Keeping from Sam in Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

There's no doubt that the showrunners of The CW's most popular genre shows cater to their audiences more than just about anyone else. Case in point: another preview video from an executive producer of one of this week's episodes just landed online. Watch as Sera Gamble gives us a sneak peek at the secret Dean is keeping from Sam in "Supernatural" Episode 7.04, "Defending Your Life".

A Clip and Some Stills from Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

Poor Dean Winchester can't catch a break. Apparently saving the planet from destruction just isn't good enough as this week on "Supernatural" he finds himself on trial for his past mistakes. The CW provided us with an image gallery and a new clip from the episode, entitled "Defending Your Life"; think they'll shed any light on his ultimate verdict?

Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

Alona Tal returns to "Supernatural" this week as Dean is forced to confront his past mistakes in Episode 7.04, "Defending Your Life". In a true "Supernatural" type twist, it's not a Judeo-Christian deity who's behind it all but rather the Egyptian god Osiris. Check out a preview of the ep!

A Familiar Face Returns for Episode 4 of Supernatural Season 7 - Defending Your Life

We weren't huge fans of the character of Jo on "Supernatural", but we do like Alona Tal, the actress who portrayed her, so it's good news that she'll be returning for the fourth episode of this season, entitled "Defending Your Life". The ep's synopsis follows.

See Sam Run in a Clip from Supernatural Episode 22 - The Man Who Knew Too Much

Just a few hours remain until the finale of "Supernatural", and The CW is pulling out all the stops, airing Ep. 21, "Let It Bleed", and Ep. 22, "The Man Who Knew Too Much", back-to-back, giving the show's sixth season one hell of a sendoff. Check out a new clip from the latter in which Sam is on the run from someone, or something, wicked!

Supernatural - Let It Bleed Episode Preview with Sera Gamble

Now that The CW has gotten the "Smallville" series finale out of the way, fans of "Supernatural" can gear up for next Friday's two-episode Season Six finale, comprised of Ep. 21, "Let It Bleed", and Ep. 22, "The Man Who Knew Too Much". To get us even more excited, they've provided a video preview of "Let It Bleed" with showrunner/executive producer Sera Gamble narrating.

Supernatural Season Finale Preview - Countdown to Meltdown!

Last night's episode of "Supernatural" left fans wondering exactly whose side the angel Castiel is on, but from the description of this season's two-episode finale, we'll be finding out soon enough. Although having to wait an extra week until May 20th isn't making things any easier. Here's a finale preview to hopefully tide us over until then.

Official Synopses Now Available for Two-Episode Supernatural Season Six Finale

Hot on the heels of the news that fan favorite "Supernatural" will indeed be returning to the airwaves of The CW for a seventh season, the network has provided us with the synopses of the final two episodes of Season Six, the second of which was written by original show creator Eric Kripke and involves something we've been dreading all season long - the return of Sam's memories.