Robert Pratten

The Mask of the Red Death Proves to be Infectious in Berlin

Another retelling of a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale is on its way and we have the first details and early sales art for you right here! Dig it!

UK: Long Live the Mindflesh!

It’s always great when those inside the filmmaking biz get in touch to turn us on to some of the more interesting upcoming releases so we were delighted when prolific producer Jonathan Sothcott (Dead Cert, The Asphyx remake) gave us a heads-up regarding the UK DVD release of Robert Pratten’s indie body-horror Mindflesh.

Watch Cronenbergian Mindflesh Free!

In a move that I hope is only the first of many, Twitch Film are the sole proprietors of Robert Pratten’s Mindflesh, which will only be up for viewing for a small window, specifically December 12th- 14th, so you’d better get over there and check it out now!